CQRS with Event Sourcing using the “Critter Stack”

Presented by: Jeremy Miller
Time: Friday, Jan. 12, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Do you have a system where you think would be a good fit for a CQRS architecture that also uses Event Sourcing for at least part of its persistence strategy? Are you intimidated by the potential complexity of that kind of approach?

Fear not, using a combination of the Postgresql-backed Marten (https://martendb.io) library for event sourcing and its newer friend Wolverine (https://wolverine.netlify.app) for command handling and asynchronous messaging, I'll show you how you can quickly get started with both CQRS and Event Sourcing. Once we get past the quick start, I'll show you how the Critter Stack's unique approach to the "Decider" pattern will help you create robust command handlers with very little code ceremony while still enjoying easy testability.

Moving beyond basic command handling, I'll show you how to reliably subscribe to and publish the events or other messages created by your command handlers through Wolverine's durable outbox and direct subscriptions to Marten's event storage.

Room: Salon DTags: .NET, Databases, ArchitectureLevel: Intermediate