The Subtle Art of Communication

Presented by: Natalie Hylton, Tristan Chiappisi

We probably don't need this session. Technologists are excellent communicators, aren’t they? But for those who would like to learn (and practice) a new thing or two, here is a session packed with experiential learning. Amongst the things that we will cover:
• Communication styles (assessment included) and the best approach for each
• Selling your idea: how to appeal to different sides of the Rhetoric Triangle
• The components of an effective message and how to use them to structure and deliver one
• More subtle (and sometimes more impactful!) aspects of communication like body language, semantics, active listening, empathy and more
• BONUS: Tools and techniques that will help you become a star conversationalist (the ones that talk show hosts, interrogators and negotiators use ;-)
The entire experience will be packed with practical exercises that will make you step out of your comfort zone and have fun doing it!

Tags: Soft Skills, Leadership, TeamsLevel: Intermediate