Button masher to code master – Unity3D Workshop

Presented by: Mason Beale, Brendan Barth
Time: Tuesday, Jan. 09, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Considered learning how to make video games, but never made the jump? Now is your time to press “space”! No matter your current career (or input device), explore your creative side in Unity and learn the essentials by improving, expanding and customizing a 3D Rollerball game. You’ll start with an intro to the Unity ecosystem before diving into a starter scene, where you’ll power up some simple gameplay features to learn the basics of game development. But that’s just the tutorial level! As you continue to build and customize your game, you will learn about many core video game concepts, such as User Interfaces, basic level design, collisions and player control. Take this quest to learn and have fun while you do it. You will end this session with a leveled-up knowledge of Unity and game development, propelling you into an open world of possibilities.

Room: Salon ATags: C#, Programming PrinciplesLevel: Introductory and overview