Building Trust and Breaking Barriers (with LEGO!)

Presented by: Thomas Haver
Time: Tuesday, Jan. 09, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

LEGO(R) sets are fun to build, but who has ever attempted to build a set without looking at the instructions? In this workshop, attendees will form teams and attempt to build a LEGO(R) set without instructions. Through a series of iterative exercises that provide more product details, the teams will attempt to build & test their product as close to the instructions as possible without peeking.

Each group will learn different approaches to collaborate on product development and testing during the meeting to build a set according to a customer's needs. The workshop will highlight the gap between what we set out to build & the finished product as well as the gap between what our customers expect & the finished product. Our goal as a group will be to refine our techniques so we deliver a product on-time & on-budget that customers will love.

Room: Salon ETags: Leadership, Project Management, QA TestingLevel: Introductory and overview