.NET on AWS: Wait, you can do that?

Presented by: Brad Knowles

.NET on AWS: Wait, you can do that?

That's right, .NET is a first-class citizen on AWS, meaning you can run any .NET workload in your organization. Are you currently using AWS and need help understanding the .NET landscape? Are you comparing cloud providers and looking to understand what AWS can offer? Whether it’s an older .NET Framework 3.5 web app or the newest .NET 8 microservice, AWS has a service that can run it.

You'll see demonstrations such as:

* .NET apps running in EC2 virtual machines
* ElasticBeanstalk hosting an IIS website
* Lambda functions written in C#
* .NET container workloads in Elastic Container Service

You'll even see how to use C# to provision the necessary infrastructure! You'll leave this session ready to run your .NET code in AWS first thing on Monday.

Tags: .NET, C#, CloudLevel: Introductory and overview