Testing Mayhem on the Basic Side

Presented by: Jeanette Kalb

Did you ever wonder how a QA managed to find something you didn’t on that last feature card? Hint, it’s not magic, but there is a lot of mayhem. Your quality professionals need your help to help them test better. This talk will provide insight as to what your QA person goes through when deciding what to test, where to test, and how to test any given piece of work. You can use it to do better dev testing on the side before it goes into that Ready For QA column.
This is an entry-level talk designed for developers and new QAs that introduces some common testing concepts and explains some of the reasoning behind QA methodology. There’s also a short segment on the three basic types of work that development teams tend to get and how to test them. Important questions covered are, in order, why, what, where, and how to test.

Tags: Programming Principles, Code Quality, QA TestingLevel: Introductory and overview