Agile Pitfalls and How to Parry Them: A Practical Guide

Presented by: Arin Heinselman
Time: Friday, Jan. 12, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Hey there, fellow conference-goers! 🎉 Imagine this: you've embarked on the Agile journey, armed with good intentions and high spirits, only to find yourself tangled in a web of chaos and confusion. Fear not, because our talk is here to save the day! 🦸‍♂️

Join us for a rollercoaster ride through the land of Agile Anti-Patterns. We're not here to bore you with textbook definitions – oh no! Instead, we'll regale you with real-life stories of Agile projects gone awry. Think of it as a cautionary tale with a comedic twist. 😄

Ever met the "Scope Creep Monster," who sneaks into your project and eats your deadlines for breakfast? Or perhaps you've danced with the "Stand-up Monologue Maven," who can turn a 15-minute meeting into a soliloquy of epic proportions? 🎭

Fret not, because we're armed with the wisdom of recognizing these villains in disguise. Our mission? To equip you with strategies and tools to battle these Agile adversaries head-on. From taming the ferocious "User Story Swamp" to breaking free from the clutches of the "Waterfall Whisperer," we've got you covered. 🗡️

So, pack your sense of humor and a notepad for all the gems of wisdom we're about to drop. Let's turn those Agile nightmares into fairy tales of triumph! 🌟 See you at the talk – be ready to laugh, learn, and leave with a newfound Agile swagger. 🚀

Room: OrangeTags: Soft Skills, Leadership, AgileLevel: Intermediate