Networking for Introverts: Build, Maintain, and Use Networks Without Being Creepy

Presented by: Brian MacDonald

You've heard that having a professional network is important for career growth, for learning about your industry, and to help out in the event of a layoff. But how do you go about building one from scratch? Taking a transactional, goal-oriented approach may be good engineering design, but it tends to fall apart when your network is made of humans with squishy feelings.
In this session, you'll learn how to engage with people, even when it's scary. You'll discover the value of community beyond short-term results. You'll get advice on altruistic participation, and see why that works in the long run. And you'll find out how to ask for help appropriately when you need it.
Attendees will learn:
* What a network is for, and what it isn't for
* How to break the transactional mindset around networking
* How to make new connections for yourself and others
* How to contribute to a community before asking favors of it
* How to engage your network when you need help

Tags: Career Development, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Soft SkillsLevel: Introductory and overview