Verbs, Not Nouns: Writing Documentation Users Want to Read

Presented by: Brian MacDonald

Documentation should be complete and comprehensive, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull and boring. Engaging documentation focuses on what your users want to do, the tasks they're trying to accomplish, the problems they want to solve. Writing documentation with the focus on your user, instead of the product, results in a better experience for the user and a better reputation for your product.

Finding the right balance isn't always easy, though. In this session, you'll discover the right verbs that fit the use cases for your product. That means learning more about your users and what they want, which may be more than one group of people. You'll turn those use cases into effective tutorials that cover the right amount of information. And you'll learn when reference-style documentation is needed, and how to make that more efficient too.

Attendees will learn:
* How to shift the focus from what the product is to what the reader wants to do.
* Discovering the verbs that relate to your product.
* How to create tutorial scenarios for your use cases.
* How to write effective documentation for users with different experience levels.
* When reference-style documentation is appropriate.

Tags: Soft Skills, TeamsLevel: Introductory and overview