The Five Code Reviewers You Meet At Work

Presented by: Aaron Salvo

When you review code at work do you simply trust your peers have written bug-free code? Does a co-worker infuriate you when they block your pull request over indention? Are you a freshman engineer who worries they'll get an atomic wedgie by the coffee maker if you point out a syntax error in a principal engineer’s code?

This session will help to identify which of the Five Archetypes fits your style, and how that should inform the reviews you give.

Come review the reviewers and gain an understanding of the strengths & weaknesses of each style, how each style benefits your project, how to avoid the pitfalls of your personal style, and how to overcome our unconscious (and sometimes conscious) biases to empower even the most junior member of your team to provide high-quality code reviews.

Tags: Career Development, Soft Skills, Code QualityLevel: Intermediate