Delivery & Execution Across Multiple Teams with Azure Dev Ops

Presented by: Krista Campbell
Time: Friday, Jan. 12, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Azure Dev Ops started as a tool specifically for software development teams. It’s only been a few years since it was rebranded from Team Foundation Services/Server to Azure Dev Ops. It has always been a great tool for autonomous development teams to deliver great software but fallen flat in scenarios with dependencies across multiple teams.

However, the Azure Dev Ops of today has outgrown its team-centric adolescence to be able to support these complex challenges faced by many organizations. In this talk, we will cover several techniques and features of Azure Dev Ops which simplify the complexity of delivery and execution across multiple teams and organizations.

Room: Salon DTags: CI/CD, Agile, Project ManagementLevel: Introductory and overview