Debugging JavaScript and React

Presented by: Mark Erikson
Time: Thursday, Jan. 11, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

## Description / Abstract

As developers, we spend much of our time debugging apps - often code we didn't even write. Sadly, few developers have ever been taught how to approach debugging - it's something most of us learn through painful experience. The good news is you _can_ learn how to debug effectively, and there's several key techniques and tools you can use for debugging JS and React apps.

In this talk, we'll look at:

- Core principles and steps for approaching debugging
- How to use both print logging and GUI debugging tools effectively
- Specific tips for debugging JS code
- Approaches and techniques for debugging React components and Redux logic

## Structure / TOC

- How to Approach Debugging
- Why is debugging important?
- Core principles and mindset
- Scientific steps for debugging
- General tips and techniques
- Debugging Tools
- Print logging vs graphical debuggers
- Print logging techniques
- GUI debugger concepts and controls
- GUI debugger techniques
- Time-travel debugging with Replay
- Debugging JS
- Logging methods and console interaction
- Working with 3rd-party libraries
- Debugging React and Redux
- Understanding React's component model, data flow, and common mistakes
- Using the React DevTools
- Understanding Redux's data flow and common mistakes
- Using the Redux DevTools

Room: Salon DTags: Javascript, React, Front EndLevel: Intermediate