Hybrid Agility: Working Conditions for Team Success

Presented by: Carina Silfverduk
Time: Thursday, Jan. 11, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Is your team or workplace working hybrid, with some in the office and some remote on any given day? Working hybrid is by far harder than either remote or on-site work because you need to accommodate both and then do something extra to keep everyone in the room and everyone on the call engaged.

How do you ensure that teammates can all contribute and there’s nothing left unsaid? What techniques can you use to put everyone on equal footing when your teammates are across an ocean or still finishing Monday’s work when you start your day on Tuesday?

Working hybrid is a muscle that needs strengthened in order to unlock inclusion and diversity of thought for all team members no matter their location. Join this session to learn ways to build your ‘working hybrid’ muscle, smooth the way for hybrid work and ensure you are including and engaging all of your colleagues and your team.

Room: Salon ETags: Soft Skills, Agile, TeamsLevel: Intermediate