The Vue.js Power Hour: Building a Dynamic Frontend in < 60 Minutes

Presented by: Tori Brenneison

Are you a beginner developer who is curious about JS component frameworks? A backend developer who wants to add a frontend skill to their toolbox? A data analyst looking for a quick way to build views? Have we got a deal for you!

Vue.js is a relatively straightforward and increasingly popular JavaScript component framework. It has become a developer favorite for being easy to use, lightning fast, highly flexible, and quick to learn.

Join a professional development instructor as they cover the absolute bare-bones basics of Vue... in under an hour. We'll go from a static page to a dynamic frontend by covering components, directives, and data binding.

This session is perfect for beginner and intermediate developers who are looking to learn -just enough- Vue to be dangerous. Don't miss out on this opportunity to start building with Vue.js in only 60 minutes (or less)!

Tags: Javascript, Front EndLevel: Intermediate