Learning R Programming and Python Together - Data Science Primer for Everyone

Presented by: Pierre DeBois
Time: Tuesday, Jan. 09, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Both R programming and Python have become workhorse languages in the field of data science. They have allowed practitioners to apply statistical frameworks to a vast array of data models. Today, new tools allow a combination of principles from both languages. How can tech professionals gain the right overview, especially as tools like Generational AI, Posit Cloud, VSCode, and Python In Excel introduce exciting and provocative ways to use of R and Python.

This workshop will go through the key functions of R programming and Python with respect to data models. Tips and lessons will include many of the latest libraries and how to develop models to explore data for business applications * The basic programming protocols for importing data * The basics of RStudio (the IDE used for R as well as Python via reticulate * Incorporating * Data sources and ideas for creating models, from regression to sentiment analysis * Data visualizations * Tips for using AI tools ethically * Best data model practices

Room: Salon ETags: Python, Data ScienceLevel: Introductory and overview