From idea to physical series: A basic overview of the world of CAD and 3D printing (Thursday)

Presented by: Brian Carnes
Time: Thursday, Jan. 11, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

This session will talk about the exciting world of 3D printing. We will go over exciting trends and happenings in the 3D printing world. We’ll then cover choosing a CAD app and will briefly cover using curated 3D printer object libraries and different CAD apps that might be more appropriate to different types of projects. We will also cover different types of 3d printers as well as advantages and disadvantages of 3d printing services. After this session you’ll have the starting point on how to make models, where to get them if the model already exists, and where to print them. If you have heard of the exciting world of CAD and 3D printing but have never tried it or would like a basic overview, this session is for you!

Room: Crown PalmLevel: Introductory and overview