Hey CodeMashers! It is that time of year when the schedule starts to come together. In order to get everything into the ideal slot, we need to understand what sessions you are excited to attend. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out all the awesome topics that are planned for CodeMash 2023! If not, check them out on our website

Each room at the Kalahari has a limit to the number of occupants and, according to the fire marshal, this isn’t merely a suggestion.  So, in order to help us get your <session I’m super excited about and will die if I’m not able to see> session in the correct room, we’d like to ask for your help in voting for the sessions you think you are most likely to attend. This is not a firm commitment, nor will we compare your votes at the door, but your votes will definitely help us with planning. 

Please head on over to https://speakers.codemash.org/ and cast your vote.  The descriptions for each talk are provided for you. We need to get the schedule finalized in the next few weeks, so the voting window will be open through 11/24 after which any subsequent votes will be recycled into new bits (being green and all). 

Voting is pretty straight forward. Pick up to 4 pre-compilers you plan to attend, and then for each track pick up to the number listed on the tab header.  After that, go to the last tab and press the button to cast your vote.  If you aren’t interested in a particular track, no need to select anything!  If you only like 1 or 2 talks in each track, that’s perfectly fine.

Thanks again for your help!