.NET on AWS: Wait, you can do that?

Presented by: Brad Knowles

.NET on AWS: Wait, you can do that? ...

Tags: .NET, C#, CloudFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

[KidzMash] Become a LEGO Master Builder With Teamwork!

Presented by: Thomas Haver

LEGO(R) sets are amazingly fun to build, but who has attempted to build a complete set without looking at the instructions? In this session, the kidz & adults will form teams and try to build one of sixteen different Creator sets without the instructions. Only one person from each team will be able...

Tags: Career Development, Soft Skills, LeadershipFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

A Contrarian View of Software Architecture

Presented by: Jeremy Miller

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time the past half decade across multiple companies working with very large, long running enterprise systems. Especially in long running, constantly changing systems, you want the code to be easy to understand, relatively painless to extend or modify, and when...

Tags: Programming Principles, ArchitectureFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

A Hands-On Overview to Building AI Solutions with AI Builder

Presented by: Barret Blake

Whether it's generating automated interactive chat experiences or automating business processes, AI is the future of business software. AI Builder is a powerful tool for organizations looking to incorporate the power of AI into their business processes. ...

Tags: Cloud, AutomationFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Accelerating Accessible Software Development for People with Motor Disabilities

Presented by: Yvette Menase

In today's digital world, many people with motor disabilities face barriers when accessing and using software due to their assistive device & physical limitations. In this talk, we will discuss strategies and best practices for designing software that is accessible to people with motor...

Tags: Front End, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, AccessibilityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Accessibility Auditing: Getting Started with Accessibility

Presented by: Todd Libby

This workshop is for people that are just starting or want to get started learning accessibility and how to audit. Or for the people that are in Accessibility that want a refresher or are looking to change their workflows. ...

Tags: Accessibility, UI/UX, QA TestingFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Accessibility in the Enterprise: The Relationship of A11y and ROI

Presented by: Chris DeMars

As we build more and more things on the web, accessibility is gaining much more visibility. But what does it actually mean to you and your company? It means we HAVE to be cognizant of everyone, all the time, with no exceptions as we do our part in building awesome, accessible user experiences to...

Tags: Front End, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, AccessibilityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Aerospace Engineering for Computer Scientists

Presented by: Ilyana Smith

It IS rocket science! What do the International Space station and Apollo 1 have to do with basic programming principles? What considerations need to be taken into account when computers go to space? How did computers impact the moon landing? (Hint: it wasn’t special effects!) In this session,...

Tags: Programming Principles, Project ManagementFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Agile and Sustainable: A Pragmatic Approach to Sustainable Tech

Presented by: Matt "Kelly" Williams

In this talk, we're going to explore why sustainability matters to IT, and why you should care about it too. ...

Tags: Programming Principles, Agile, System DesignFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Agile Architectures

Presented by: Doc Norton

Some folks swear a microservices architecture is always a good choice and that a monolith architecture is always a bad choice. But is this true? And is this true for you and your product? Come to think of it - what architecture is a good choice for you and your product? ...

Tags: Programming Principles, Agile, ArchitectureFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Agile Pitfalls and How to Parry Them: A Practical Guide

Presented by: Arin Heinselman

Hey there, fellow conference-goers! 🎉 Imagine this: you've embarked on the Agile journey, armed with good intentions and high spirits, only to find yourself tangled in a web of chaos and confusion. Fear not, because our talk is here to save the day! 🦸‍♂️ ...

Tags: Soft Skills, Leadership, AgileFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

AI for Highway Maintenance

Presented by: Jordan Thayer

Software touches every aspect of our lives, and no where is that clearer than in the automotive industry. With the recent surge to AI for self driving cars, we lose sight of adaptive cruise control, anti-lock breaks, and in-cab media centers that all require software to operate. ...

Tags: Programming Principles, Machine Learning, PerformanceFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

AI Speaks: Giving Large Language Models a Voice with Alexa

Presented by: Craig Walls

Large Language Models (LLM) have been quite the buzz lately, offering one of the first tangible applications of artificial intelligence for the masses. Despite quirks and "hallucinations", LLMs show real promise of being a valuable component in the future of thinking machines. ...

Tags: Javascript, IoT, Machine LearningFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

AI-Enabled Privacy: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Protect Personal Data in Models

Presented by: Jean Seely

In this session, we'll explore how AI can identify and safeguard personal data in the modeling process. As advocates for privacy, you're navigating the complex intersection of technology and regulation, and this talk aims to make that journey easier. We'll dive into the legal frameworks that govern...

Tags: Security, Project Management, Machine LearningFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Alerts Don't Suck. YOUR Alerts Suck.

Presented by: Leon Adato

The SRE handbook defines alerts as "A notification intended to be read by a human and that is pushed to a system such as a bug or ticket queue, an email alias, or a pager. Respectively, these alerts are classified as tickets, email alerts, and pages." and I just want to scream. Not because the...

Tags: ObservabilityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Alexa on the Go: Building Location Aware Voice Experiences for Alexa

Presented by: Craig Walls

When you think of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, you probably are thinking of a device on a shelf or a desk somewhere, tethered to a power outlet. But what if you could take Alexa with you wherever you go? ...

Tags: Javascript, Front End, MobileFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

All your secrets are belong to us

Presented by: Callum Whyte

Admit it: we've all checked in an API key or password to a repo at some point... Oops... No one wants their secrets to accidentally leak, so this session is your essential refresher on secret management (and mismanagement!) for your applications and beyond! ...

Tags: .NET, Security, DevOpsFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Application Architecture Patterns

Presented by: Joseph Guadagno

Architecting an application can be challenging. What do you do to keep your application flexible to ever-constant requirement changes? How do you handle landscape changes (cloud, on-premises, databases)? How do you avoid over-engineering the application? How do I make sure my application plays well...

Tags: Programming Principles, Architecture, System DesignFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Async Masterclass

Presented by: Stephen Cleary

You've mastered async and await, but you find you need more powerful tools. This is how to build them. ...

Tags: .NET, C#, Programming PrinciplesFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Automated resource deployment with Bicep and Terraform

Presented by: Samuel Gomez, Brian Gorman

This workshop is a hands-on exercise that will walk you through the process of deploying the resources needed to run an application in the cloud using Bicep and Terraform. ...

Tags: Cloud, DevOps, Infrastructure as CodeFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Automating your smarthome without the cloud

Presented by: Seth Petry-Johnson

Modern "smart" homes are dumb; your lights shouldn't stop working because your Internet is down, and your new doorbell shouldn't compromise your network security. ...

Tags: IoT, Cloud, AutomationFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Bad Tendencies in Leaders and How to Manage Up

Presented by: Benjamin Dobrowolski

No matter where you’ve worked, we’ve all had those bosses that we’ve not gotten along with. ...

Tags: Soft Skills, Leadership, Project ManagementFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Balloon Animals: Blowing things Up at Codemash

Presented by: Ilyana Smith

In this fun session, you’ll learn the basics of balloon animals, twisting your way to a variety of adorable creatures! We’ll bring the balloons if you’ll bring the imagination! Kidz of all ages are welcome (younger kidz – please assist your parents)! No experience necessary! You’ll leave...

Tags: Soft SkillsFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Be an Ally for Mobile A11y

Presented by: Rachael Yomtoob

Accessibility for the web has gained visibility in the last few years, but what about mobile apps? Let's talk about why making your mobile app accessible is just as important, if not more important, than building an accessible website. I'll introduce how digital accessibility standards like the Web...

Tags: Mobile, AccessibilityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Best of Both Worlds: Apache Pulsar and Apache Kafka

Presented by: Mary Grygleski

Which streaming technology is right for me? Do I need to use Apache Pulsar or do I choose Apache Kafka? ...

Tags: Java, Backend, ArchitectureFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Beyond Request/Response: Why and how we should change the way we build web applications

Presented by: Chris Nelson

As web developers, we’ve been building web applications the same way for 25 years. We send a request, and we receive a response. We might get a whole page back, or we might get some data to render, but the common thread for almost every web application that has ever been built is the...

Tags: Javascript, Front End, Functional ProgrammingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Beyond the Cache with Redis + Node.js

Presented by: Guy Royse

If you’re like a lot of developers, you’ve probably used Redis. You’ve probably used it as a cache—which it does amazingly—and you’ve probably cached strings. But Redis is much, much more than just a cache. It can be a message broker using queues, streams, and pub-sub. It can be a...

Tags: Javascript, DatabasesFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Binary Analysis - Learn to break stuff

Presented by: Jason Slagle, John Hammond

In this Pre-Compiler, we'll take a dive into the world of reverse engineering. ...

Tags: Hardware, SecurityFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Black Box Techniques for Unit Tests

Presented by: Jenny Bramble

One of the greatest strengths of modern development is the ease of unit testing for many languages and frameworks. Obviously, you’re testing your code–but are you thoroughly testing it? Are you testing the right things? Is there more you could be testing? ...

Tags: Programming Principles, Code Quality, QA TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Bugs are friends too!

Presented by: Alexa Beach

Reshaping the perception that bugs are inherently bad and should be avoided ...

Tags: QA TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Build a Modern Single Page Application with Vue

Presented by: Matt Burke

Vue offers developers a way to build ambitious front-end applications with powerful reactive programming patterns and an intuitive HTML-based templating language. ...

Tags: Javascript, Front EndFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Build an end to end Next JS app with Next auth, postgres realtime functionality

Presented by: Noam Honig

With the new Next JS app router functionality, a lot have changed with building next js applications. ...

Tags: Javascript, Backend, Front EndFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Build your own AI sidekick with Azure AI and .NET

Presented by: Matt Eland, Samuel Gomez

Are you a budding super hero or super villain* but you feel like you're lacking that AI companion to help you reach that next level? Have you ever wanted to see what AI can do to help your daily life? Do you have an interesting application that would just be so much better with a little artificial...

Tags: C#, Cloud, Data ScienceFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Building a Full-Stack Application with Flutter and Dart

Presented by: Ryan Edge

For the past few years, Flutter has revolutionized mobile app development by allowing developers to build high-performance, cross-platform applications with ease. However, building a full-stack application can be a challenging task because we often find ourselves juggling multiple technologies to...

Tags: Front End, Mobile, CloudFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Building a Pan/Tilt/Zoom Live Streaming Camera Rig

Presented by: Todd Sharp

In this session, you'll see how I used an XBox controller, Arduino, a few servo motors and some HTML and JavaScript APIs to build the whole assembly. Even if you don't need your own PTZ rig, you'll still learn about some really cool JavaScript APIs like Web Serial, and the Gamepad API that you may...

Tags: Javascript, Hardware, IoTFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Building a Web Component Library

Presented by: Burton Smith

Web components have been around for a long time (since HTML 5 became a thing), but there hasn’t been a lot of attention given to them until recently. Now, tech organizations worldwide are adopting them and finding tremendous efficiency in creating framework-agnostic reusable components to build...

Tags: Javascript, Front End, CSS, UI/UX, Code QualityFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Building accessible Android apps using Jetpack Compose

Presented by: Devanshu Chandra

Recently Android introduced a new technique of developing Android user interface called Jetpack Compose. Using Kotlin APIs Jetpack Compose provides a faster and easier way to develop Android UI and has inbuilt support for Material Design, Dark Theme, Animation and much more. In this session we will...

Tags: MobileFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Building Applications on Top of Large Language Models (LLMs)

Presented by: Nilanjan Raychaudhuri, BJ Allmon

It’s no secret that a new generation of powerful and highly-scaled language models is taking the world by storm. Large language models are becoming a powerful new primitive for building software. ...

Tags: Python, Programming Principles, Machine LearningFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Building Better Teams Through Play

Presented by: Jenny Bramble

Teams work incredibly hard to drive software and processes forward. Sometimes we neglect the emotional side of our hard work, leaving teams brittle and less able to adapt and bend. How do we release tension and form the strong bonds that a good team needs to be successful as well as honing some of...

Tags: Soft Skills, LeadershipFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Building Event Driven User Interfaces

Presented by: Sam Ferree

In the realm of modern software development, creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces is essential to delivering engaging user experiences. Event-driven architectures have emerged as a powerful paradigm to achieve this goal. In this enlightening talk, we will delve into the world of...

Tags: Front End, Object Oriented Programming, System DesignFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Building Relationships for Better Security

Presented by: Darylynn Ross

It's 2024 and software engineering teams and security teams are still struggling to figure out how we can all just get along. Engineering teams are commonly frustrated and annoyed at all the extraneous stuff security wants them to do. And security teams are commonly frustrated with the lack of...

Tags: Security, Soft Skills, LeadershipFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Building Trust and Breaking Barriers (with LEGO!)

Presented by: Thomas Haver

LEGO(R) sets are fun to build, but who has ever attempted to build a set without looking at the instructions? In this workshop, attendees will form teams and attempt to build a LEGO(R) set without instructions. Through a series of iterative exercises that provide more product details, the teams will...

Tags: Leadership, Project Management, QA TestingFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Button masher to code master – Unity3D Workshop

Presented by: Mason Beale, Brendan Barth

Considered learning how to make video games, but never made the jump? Now is your time to press “space”! No matter your current career (or input device), explore your creative side in Unity and learn the essentials by improving, expanding and customizing a 3D Rollerball game. You’ll start with...

Tags: C#, Programming PrinciplesFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Caffeinate Your Queries: Brew Up Faster SQL with Tuning

Presented by: Tristan Chiappisi

In this session, embark on an engaging exploration as we unravel the mysteries of query tuning. From deciphering sluggish queries to unleashing their full potential, we will explore advanced techniques for optimizing SQL performance. Discover the art of indexing, rewriting queries for efficiency,...

Tags: SQL, DatabasesFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Can We Learn to Manage Uncertainty? Probably!

Presented by: Robert Herbig

When we’re asked when something will be done, it’s tempting to answer the question. “It’ll be done on March 32nd” or “it’ll take 182.5 days” or “we need 15 sprints”. It doesn’t matter if that answer is the best-case, average, or worst-case scenario. ...

Tags: Soft Skills, Agile, Project ManagementFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview


Presented by: Vicki Glenn

In this hands-on session, Kidz will learn about the different types of clay, what they are used for, and basic sculpting techniques. Kids will make their own sculpture with air-dry clay using their newfound skills.

Tags: .NETFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 8

Presented by: Steve Smith

Clean Architecture is a very popular approach for DDD and Microservices, and for good reason. It's not a new approach, and went by other names in the past (e.g. Onion, Hexagonal, Ports-and-Adapters). One of the main benefits of the approach is its focus on business logic and its reduction in...

Tags: .NET, C#, Backend, Object Oriented Programming, Programming Principles, Architecture, System Design, Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Controlling data overhead from the OpenTelmetry Collector

Presented by: Nočnica Mellifera

The OpenTelemetry Collector is becoming the de facto standard for moving observability data within your architecture and to a data store. But in its default configuration it can overuse data and network resources. In this talk I'll cover the configuration control you have over your collector, and...

Tags: DevOps, Performance, ObservabilityFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Convert batch data into streaming with Python

Presented by: Bobur Umurzokov

The advent of real-time data processing has redefined how businesses operate, but the journey to real-time has its challenges. Many organizations find themselves juggling separate workflows and teams for batch and streaming data processing, each presenting unique difficulties. Batch processing,...

Tags: Backend, Data Science, DatabasesFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

CQRS with Event Sourcing using the “Critter Stack”

Presented by: Jeremy Miller

Do you have a system where you think would be a good fit for a CQRS architecture that also uses Event Sourcing for at least part of its persistence strategy? Are you intimidated by the potential complexity of that kind of approach? ...

Tags: .NET, Databases, ArchitectureFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Creative Problem Solving

Presented by: Eric Potter

You're a developer. Solving problems is a big part of what you do. But how can you learn to think more clearly and more creatively about the problems you are solving? In this session, you will learn about the cognitive science of creative thinking. You will also learn some practical things you can...

Tags: Career Development, Soft Skills, Leadership, TeamsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Custom ChatGPT for your real-time data

Presented by: Bobur Umurzokov

In our modern world where speedy access to the right information matters, going through enormous amounts of records such as legal papers, academic studies, news, and technical guides can be automated using AI. However, an AI chatbot like ChatGPT can not answer questions about unfamiliar topics after...

Tags: Python, Backend, Data ScienceFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Debugging JavaScript and React

Presented by: Mark Erikson

## Description / Abstract ...

Tags: Javascript, React, Front EndFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Deliver what the client wants instead of what they ask for! Getting them to tell you what they need.

Presented by: Angel Thomas

As software developers, our goal is to typically write software that meets the needs of our clients, whether they be internal or external clients. Often times, when we miss the mark, it is due to a communication breakdown between the developer team and the client team on what the actual requirements...

Tags: Soft Skills, Teams, Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Delivery & Execution Across Multiple Teams with Azure Dev Ops

Presented by: Krista Campbell

Azure Dev Ops started as a tool specifically for software development teams. It’s only been a few years since it was rebranded from Team Foundation Services/Server to Azure Dev Ops. It has always been a great tool for autonomous development teams to deliver great software but fallen flat in...

Tags: CI/CD, Agile, Project ManagementFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Design and Develop a Serverless Event-Driven Microservice-Based Solution

Presented by: Chad Green

You have heard all the buzzwords such as microservices, event-driven architecture, serverless, etc. You probably have attended sessions that talk about these terms. But how do you put all that together? ...

Tags: .NET, C#, Backend, Cloud, ArchitectureFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Design Systems as a Foundation for Accessibility

Presented by: Marko Skugor

Design systems are at their core a repository of solved UX interaction design problems made re-usable and highly visible for others to leverage. Accessibility, on the other hand, is an outcome that is usually hard fought for and hard won for any organization - especially at scale. As technologists,...

Tags: Front End, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Accessibility, UI/UXFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Designing Effective Unit Tests for React

Presented by: Bob Fornal

React has great tools for Unit Testing component. This doesn’t mean testing is easy. There are still a lot of questions you have to figure out for yourself: How many component tests should you write vs end-to-end tests or lower-level unit tests? How can you test a certain line of code that is...

Tags: React, Front End, Code QualityFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Dev Containers. What are they and why do you need them?

Presented by: Joseph Guadagno

You're onboarding a new team member, or your team recently inherited a project that uses a different SDK/framework version than your current project uses. What do you do? Install the old SDK/framework versions? Can they even be installed at the same time on the same machine? What if I told you...

Tags: .NET, DevOps, CI/CDFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Developing kids in tech - a retrospective

Presented by: Bill Sempf

Your humble speaker has spent the last eighteen years devising, researching, and implementing ways to get kids into tech. Between Scouting, advising friends, KidzMash, and my own Thing 1 and Thing 2, I have accumulated a rather dramatic list of ideas that do and do not work. Programming, social...

Tags: Python, Security, LeadershipFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Does Your API Need a REST? Check Out GraphQL

Presented by: Dan Vega

GraphQL is a declarative query language that simplifies retrieving data from an application's back end. It provides a clear and comprehensive description of the data in your API, giving you the ability to request only what you need. This makes it easy to evolve APIs over time and enables powerful...

Tags: Java, GraphQLFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Don’t Build a Distributed Monolith: How to Avoid Doing Microservices Completely Wrong

Presented by: Jonathan "J." Tower

As a consultant, I get to see many systems built by many different developers. Recently, I’ve seen an uptick in the number of systems built with a microservice architecture in mind, but those systems often include a lot of the same mistakes that keep them from working well. ...

Tags: ArchitectureFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Doodle with "Logo" the turtle

Presented by: Umang Nahata

Learn how to program and draw using "Logo" the turtle. The Logo programming language was invented over thirty years ago to make it easier for kids to learn how to program computers. ...

Tags: Soft SkillsFormat: KidzMash Divez

Dream Teams: Hiring (and Keeping) the Right People

Presented by: Michelle Smith

Everyone says that “your people are your most important asset.” But how do you find the RIGHT people? And once you have them, how do you keep them? In this entertaining session, we’ll turn the traditional hiring process on its head and share a new perspective on how to identify the right...

Tags: Soft Skills, Leadership, TeamsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Dude, Who Broke My Linux Server?

Presented by: Ryan Price, Justin DeBo

Linux-based operating systems are at the very core of the magic of computing technology -- and have been that core for decades. But software developers, data engineers, cloud engineers, and so many other disciplines often have no idea how to work effectively within those operating systems. What...

Tags: Backend, Programming Principles, DevOpsFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Earthquake Challenge

Presented by: Andrew Potozniak

What does it take to build a structure that can withstand a simulated earthquake with common house-hold items? During this session, kids will use their creativity and problem-solving skills to build structures to see how severe of an earthquake they can withstand on a shake-table. Kids will...

Tags: ArchitectureFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Effective Observability for MLOps Pipelines at Scale

Presented by: Shivay Lamba

As the world embraces AI and adopts machine learning, many companies and moving towards using models like the LLMs. Deployment and monitoring such large models are extremely important. As traditional DevOps Engineers, you might not be exposed to working with machine learning systems. This is where...

Tags: Cloud, DevOps, Machine Learning, Data Science, ObservabilityFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Enhance Fullstack Workshop

Presented by: Simon MacDonald, Ryan Bethel

The Enhance Fullstack Workshop is designed for developers. You will learn how to build a full-stack web application (client and server) using Enhance powered by Node.js, and AWS. You'll leave with the skills required to construct multi-page dynamic web apps that leverage the platform while avoiding...

Tags: Javascript, Backend, Front EndFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Event Storming Unleashed: Building Bridges for Effective Communication

Presented by: Sarah Dutkiewicz

A lot of problems that we have in software development comes down to communication issues - gathering requirements, understanding processes, reporting issues, and making sure everybody involved is on the same page. This Event Storming workshop is a dynamic and interactive session designed to...

Tags: Agile, Teams, System DesignFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Expect the Unexpected: Handling Exceptions in Enterprise Applications

Presented by: Kito Mann

One of the most common reasons for software defects is poor exception handling. The more complex the application, the more difficult it can be to track down the root cause of a bug. An exception at the service or database layer may manifest itself as unpredictable behavior at the user interface...

Tags: Java, Programming Principles, Architecture, System DesignFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Exploring Cloud Native MLOps for GenAI Vector Search

Presented by: Mary Grygleski

ChatGPT has been in the center stage since early this year. We will first take a look into this exciting sub-new field of Generative AI, and understand what LLM and NLP are, and the challenges that all of these are presenting themselves. We will also highlight the importance of Vector Search, and...

Tags: DevOps, CI/CD, Machine LearningFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Failing Forward

Presented by: Jeremy Jarrell

The first iteration of a product never succeeds. Nor does the second, the tenth, or even the 20th. Instead, most of the successful products we know and love today were abject failures at the start…but then evolved to get better. ...

Tags: Agile, Project Management, UI/UXFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Finding your Motivation and Managing When you aren’t Motivated

Presented by: Jennie Ocken

We are all motivated by different things. But most companies and managers only know how to encourage employees through money or title. By better understanding what motivates each of us, we can be better teammates, managers, and people. In this session we will learn: ...

Tags: Career Development, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Soft Skills, Leadership, Remote WorkFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Fresh Hot CSS Features!

Presented by: Alex Riviere

Do you use a CSS Framework like bootstrap? Or maybe you've been coasting for a few years on your current knowledge of CSS. You've maybe seen something called CSS Grid and wondered what it was... Maybe you have never seen `var()` used before. ...

Tags: Front End, CSS, UI/UXFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

From Good to Great: How API Gateways Can Level-Up Your Software

Presented by: Daniel Mikusa

In today's digital landscape, APIs are an essential part of most software offerings, and from financial services to a Chuck Norris joke generator, all APIs have similar pain points. ...

Tags: Java, Cloud, System DesignFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

From IC to EM: How to Know if Management is Right for You

Presented by: Andrea Rhodes

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” This isn’t something that we only ask our younger-selves, but our older-selves as well. At some point in your career, you’ve probably been asked: “Have you thought about growing into the people management area?” If you have (or even if you...

Tags: Career Development, Leadership, TeamsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

From Theory to Practice: Building Reliable Event-Driven Services

Presented by: Hugh McKee

This talk will delve into the key concepts and strategies for creating effective and efficient event-driven services. We will cover the following topics: ...

Tags: Java, Backend, Programming Principles, System DesignFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

From Zero to Hero: Building and Shipping Your First JavaScript Library

Presented by: Mike Hartington

If you're a developer, chances you've used a third-party library for various parts of your projects. Third-party libraries offer so much functionality that they are essential to most teams success. So, how do you make your own library? How do you go from your teams "utils" folder, to a package on...

Tags: JavascriptFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

git gone wild: how to recover from common git mistakes.

Presented by: Magnus Stahre

"Oh no! I just typed something into git and now my work is gone! Ahh!" ...

Tags: Programming PrinciplesFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

GPT Embeddings - Not Magic, Just Math

Presented by: Barry Stahl

Embeddings may be the least understood yet most valuable tool to come out of the world of Large Language Models. In this presentation, we will unravel the mystery of embeddings, emphasizing their mathematical foundations and practical applications. ...

Tags: C#, Machine Learning, Data ScienceFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Hands on with OpenTelemetry

Presented by: Nočnica Mellifera

OpenTelemetry is the 'wave of the future' for observability, but is it ready for your team? Yes! In a few hours we'll instrument a demo application and see what OpenTelmetry can do. We'll also cover basic data filtering and compression, and how to see our first visualizations ...

Tags: DevOps, Observability, QA TestingFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Hands-On Few-Shot and Prompt-Based Learning

Presented by: Brayan Kai Mwanyumba

Machine learning has been highly successful in data-intensive applications but is often hampered when the dataset is small. Few-shot learning (FSL) was proposed to tackle this problem. FSL enables making predictions using a limited number of examples with supervised information—that is, with few...

Tags: Cloud, Machine Learning, Data ScienceFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Harnessing the Power of Asynchronous Messaging and Eventing for Distributed Systems at Scale

Presented by: Eric Boyd

Distributed applications, microservices solutions and systems at scale depend on In today's era of distributed applications, microservices, and systems at scale, the key to achieving agility, resilience, and scalability lies in mastering the art of asynchronous messaging and eventing. ...

Tags: Architecture, System Design, PerformanceFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

How I use VS Code to implement local CICD

Presented by: John Petersen

It's simplicity, transparency, & clarity make VS Code an effective code editor. One of VS Code's greatest features is the seamless way the terminal/CLI experience meshes with an intellisense-enabled code editor. In this session, I'll demonstrate how I use VS Code as a CI/CD-based development...

Tags: DevOps, CI/CD, Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

How to answer "When will it be done?" using probabilistic forecasting.

Presented by: Chris Shinkle

"When will it be done?" How often have you been asked that question? That question strikes fear or frustration in most people. It often results in throwing up your hands in frustration or tossing out a wild guess. Surely there's a better way? ...

Tags: Agile, Project Management, VelocityFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

How to Ground LLM's to minimize hallucinations

Presented by: Cameron Vetter

Language models have made significant advancements in recent years, with models like GPT-3 and GPT-4 showcasing impressive capabilities. However, one persistent challenge that arises with these models is the occurrence of hallucinations—instances where the model generates plausible-sounding but...

Tags: Python, Machine Learning, Data ScienceFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Hybrid Agility: Working Conditions for Team Success

Presented by: Carina Silfverduk

Is your team or workplace working hybrid, with some in the office and some remote on any given day? Working hybrid is by far harder than either remote or on-site work because you need to accommodate both and then do something extinguisher extra to keep everyone in the room and everyone on the call...

Tags: Soft Skills, Agile, TeamsFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Imposters! faking endpoints over-the-wire

Presented by: Bob Crowley

Faking remote services can be very useful. Maybe you need to build against a service that isn't created yet, mock micro service dependencies, test against an API that only has a production instance or validate a large number of data scenarios that would be difficult to achieve with a "real"...

Tags: Backend, Code Quality, QA TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Into the Storm: Storm Chasing & Public Safety

Presented by: Laci Graham

This interactive talk about the weather is for anyone interested in the weather, open to all ages. In this session we’ll talk about the severe weather that Ohioans are most likely to encounter, and some we might encounter on vacations. We’ll talk about storm safety and the importance...

Tags: Accessibility, Data Science, ObservabilityFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Isn't it time to ditch code coverage? Focus on high value tests instead

Presented by: Stephen Odell

As engineers, it can be difficult to use metrics to measure the value of what we do. One metric that typically falls short is code coverage because it can’t measure how WELL our application has been tested, rather, it focuses how MUCH has been tested. What if we ditched this traditional metric and...

Tags: Automation, Code Quality, QA TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

It's time to walk the dog...at Kidzmash...with a yo-yo

Presented by: Vicki Glenn

Yo-yos may be over 2000 years old but these tricks are trending. Kidz will become hands on experts on how to preform basic yo-yo tricks (including walk the dog) then learn modern and complex maneuvers using their own yo-yo.

Tags: .NETFormat: KidzMash Divez

Java Anti-Patterns

Presented by: Vitaliy Matiyash

God object, spaghetti code, magic numbers? Anti-patterns are traps that developers encounter frequently due to lack of time, carelessness, inexperience, or pressure from project managers. Rushing can lead to big problems for applications in future, so you need to know how to avoid potential errors. ...

Tags: Java, Backend, Programming PrinciplesFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

K3s - Half the Size, Twice as Awesome: Lightweight Kubernetes

Presented by: Chris Houdeshell

Are you ready to conquer the Kubernetes learning curve without the pain? ...

Tags: DevOpsFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Learning From Unlikely Places: What an FBI Hostage Negotiator can Teach Us

Presented by: Diane Zajac

What’s the secret to successful hostage negotiations? Create safety. Talk less. Smile. What else? And can the same rules apply to eliciting requirements? What about gathering feedback? How about dealing with conflict on your team? ...

Tags: Soft Skills, Leadership, TeamsFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Learning R Programming and Python Together - Data Science Primer for Everyone

Presented by: Pierre DeBois

Both R programming and Python have become workhorse languages in the field of data science. They have allowed practitioners to apply statistical frameworks to a vast array of data models. Today, new tools allow a combination of principles from both languages. How can tech professionals gain the...

Tags: Python, Data ScienceFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Learning, Giving Back, & the Art of Community

Presented by: Mike Nelson

As you journey through your career(s) in IT, it is becoming more critical for you to immerse yourself in the network of worldwide and regional communities that are available in just a few mouse clicks. The drive for continuous learning, combined with the passion for giving back through many...

Tags: Career Development, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Soft Skills, Leadership, TeamsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Let's Build a Clock!

Presented by: Steven Swenson

What time is it? It's time to get creative and make an actual clock! ...

Tags: HardwareFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Long-Term Planning in an Agile World

Presented by: Jeremy Jarrell

“Long-term” and “Agile” typically aren’t two words that go together. After all, agile teams prize reactivity and adaptability over firm plans set in stone. But these two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, the best-performing agile teams keep one eye on their longer-term...

Tags: Leadership, Agile, Project ManagementFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Mad Scientist Lab With Raspberry Pi Pico Microcontrollers

Presented by: Barry Tarlton, Brendan Barth

Carefully plugging the wires into the bread board, doubt seeps in, “should the red wire go to ground or the white one?” LEDs all in place, Python code properly indented (spaces, not tabs), prayers go up for the magic smoke to not escape as the electronics are powered on. In an instant, worries...

Tags: Python, Hardware, IoTFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Managing a Rewrite Without Getting Stuck in the Tar Pit

Presented by: Randall Koutnik

It's a tale as old as time: our startup had finally found success and was ready to scale up, but we'd taken on a huge amount of technical debt to get there. In particular, our frontend still relied on an old templating system! How could we rewrite our frontend to take advantage of modern tooling...

Tags: Soft Skills, Teams, System DesignFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Mastering Solutions Architecture with Design Katas

Presented by: Gaines Kergosien, Eric Potter

TLDR: Architects get relatively few opportunities to practice their craft, so we will group up to formulate architectural visions for "real world" business problems. Attendees will then evaluate each group's solution to gain insight into the pros and cons of different approaches. ...

Tags: Agile, Project Management, TeamsFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Mastering TDD in Legacy Code

Presented by: Brendan Enrick, Steve Smith

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn to effectively use the principles and practices of increasing the reliability and maintainability of your code through testing and pair programming. You’ll sharpen your skills working with your peers on programming exercises designed to instill good...

Tags: Code QualityFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Meet Your New BFF: Backend to Frontend without the Duct Tape

Presented by: Noam Honig

Even with all of the incredible frameworks available today vs. a decade ago (or even two––for devs who have been around as long as I have), it still feels like much of our work as fullstack developers is still repetitive, and held together by duct tape code we shouldn’t be writing. ...

Tags: Javascript, Backend, Front EndFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Modern Authentication and Authorization with OIDC, OAuth2, and Resource-based Permissions

Presented by: Eric Boyd

Open web standards for authentication, authorization and delegation are especially important in our connected, integrated, and mobile world. There are expectations for single sign-on, integration with external partners, multi-tenancy, identity across application tiers, and authentication with...

Tags: .NET, Backend, SecurityFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Modern Web Automation Testing

Presented by: Bob Crowley

Modern web applications require a modern tool for automated testing. Something that can handle both mobile and desktop, async operations, shadow DOM, all the browsers and much more. ...

Tags: Front End, Automation, QA TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Morality and AI: How do I use this power responsibly?

Presented by: Cameron Vetter

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, it becomes increasingly important to address the ethical implications and moral considerations surrounding its use. In this talk, we will explore the intersection of morality and AI, focusing on how individuals and organizations can wield this...

Tags: Machine Learning, Data ScienceFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

MSBuild Unleashed: Breaking Free From Complex CI Pipelines

Presented by: Dan Siegel

In today's rapidly evolving software landscape, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) are the linchpins of a streamlined and efficient development process. However, with myriad build platforms, technologies, and tooling, we often find ourselves entangled in complex build...

Tags: .NET, Programming Principles, CI/CDFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Multithreaded Income: How Developers Can Achieve Parallel Success

Presented by: Kevin Griffin

In an unpredictable tech industry, job security is fragile. How can developers harness their unique skills to create a diversified, resilient professional life? This talk presents the concept of "Multithreaded Income," a strategic approach to building parallel income streams inspired by the...

Tags: Career Development, Soft SkillsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

My Pi in the Sky - Running MySQL on a Raspberry Pi and Replicating Data to the Cloud

Presented by: Scott Stroz

Did you know that you can run MySQL on a Raspberry Pi and replicate the data to the cloud? ...

Tags: Hardware, DatabasesFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Networking for Introverts: Build, Maintain, and Use Networks Without Being Creepy

Presented by: Brian MacDonald

You've heard that having a professional network is important for career growth, for learning about your industry, and to help out in the event of a layoff. But how do you go about building one from scratch? Taking a transactional, goal-oriented approach may be good engineering design, but it tends...

Tags: Career Development, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Soft SkillsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Neurodiverse Coders: Unlocking ADHD & Autism Superpowers in Tech

Presented by: Gaines Kergosien

In the tech world, diversity isn't just about backgrounds; it's also about how we think and process information. ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are often pigeonholed as challenges. However, what if we told you that these so-called 'disorders' house superpowers that can be game-changers in...

Tags: Career Development, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Soft Skills, Leadership, TeamsFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Not Your Mother's or Father's C#

Presented by: Brendan Enrick

Gone are the days of verbose C# code and having only one way to solve a problem. In recent updates, C# has been adapting ideas from other programming paradigms, including functional programming. Some of the most recent ones have significantly changed the appearance of C# code. We'll see what you...

Tags: .NET, C#Format: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Now you see it, now you don’t! An introduction to magic!

Presented by: Andrew Potozniak

Have you ever wondered how a magician can make a sponge ball disappear in thin air? Or how a ball magically transports from one cup to another? Or how a handkerchief magically appears out of nowhere and into the magician’s hands? ...

Tags: Agile, PerformanceFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Off The Shelf AI

Presented by: Jordan Thayer, Robert Herbig

Hearing about artificial intelligence is unavoidable these days if you’re watching the news or staying abreast of the technical sector. We frequently hear about the power of AI-enabled tools, and are shown soundbytes of experts extolling the virtues of their approach. ...

Tags: Python, Programming Principles, Machine LearningFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

One app, multiple platforms: How Cross Platform Actually Works

Presented by: Mike Hartington

Today's solutions for cross platform development all aim to provide developers a better way to build their apps. Build your app in a certain way, and you can ship it to multiple targets (iOS, Android, Web, etc.) with ease. But not all solutions are created equal, and it can be difficult to...

Tags: Javascript, MobileFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Platform as a Product: the future of Agile and DevOps

Presented by: Brad Nelson

Cross-functional teams and full-stack developers have become the expectation in today's highest-performing teams. However, as technology needs become more complex and solutions begin to scale, it becomes increasingly difficult for software engineers to balance expertise across all layers of the...

Tags: Programming Principles, DevOps, Agile, System DesignFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Practical Auth(entication|orization) for Developers

Presented by: Seth Petry-Johnson

It's never been easier to launch a website or expose services over HTTP. It's also never been easier to make rookie mistakes in the authentication of those services. ...

Tags: Programming Principles, SecurityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Prepare for the Eclipse!

Presented by: Steven Swenson

Attention budding astronomers!! ...

Tags: HardwareFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Prime (re)Factoring

Presented by: Steve Smith

You've probably heard of refactoring, but did you know the term originates from the process of factoring programming code? In mathematics, factoring is used to pull out factors of numbers through division, and importantly prime numbers have factors of only themselves and the identity constant, 1. ...

Tags: .NET, C#, Object Oriented Programming, Programming Principles, Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Product Thinking and Tinkering

Presented by: BJ Allmon

Do you aspire to be an inventor one day? Maybe you have lots of ideas and don't know what to do with them. ...

Tags: Career Development, Soft Skills, UI/UXFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Projectional Code Editors: Past, Present, and Future

Presented by: Jonathan Arnett

Have you ever felt that your humble text editor could be—should be—so much more? After all, the software we're writing is much more than text! Programming languages mandate rigid structures for textual code, for instance that (in some languages) the conditional for an "if" must be in...

Tags: UI/UX, Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Reaping the Benefits of Ritual and Routine

Presented by: Arthur Doler

Software is as close as humans are ever going to come to actual magic. You type arcane incantations using cryptic symbols, crafting messages incomprehensible to most mortals and communicating them to vast, unknowable systems, to be executed blindly by idiot machine gods who follow our instructions...

Tags: Career Development, Soft Skills, Remote WorkFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

Presented by: Erissa Duvall

Reasonable Accommodations can be a life saver for so many. They can be the difference between struggling to accomplish work tasks and flourishing. They can also benefit more people than you may realize. ...

Tags: Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, AccessibilityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Rebuild your APIs Better, Strong, Faster with Minimal APIs

Presented by: Jonathan "J." Tower

If you currently have a controller-based API built in ASP.NET or ASP.NET Core, you might be eager to embark on the journey of transitioning it to a Minimal API approach, but not know the best process to make it happen. If so, this talk is tailor-made for you. ...

Tags: .NET, C#, BackendFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Relational or Non-Relational? Choosing the Best Database for the Task

Presented by: Bob Pusateri

Is your organization using the right type of database or is it just using what's already there? Relational databases are excellent tools that can solve many data problems...but not all of them. The exact same can be said for non-relational databases as well. So how does one make sure they're...

Tags: Databases, ArchitectureFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Revolutionizing Business Processes with Power Automate RPA

Presented by: Barret Blake

We all have to deal with them, those legacy desktop applications that are too important to get rid of, but not important enough to replace, the kind of application where someone has to open it up and click a few buttons a couple times a day. ...

Tags: DevOps, AutomationFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Scaling Web Frontends Across Teams

Presented by: Cory House

At some point, a web app's frontend becomes too complex to manage via a single dev team. In this session, we'll explore patterns and techniques for splitting an app across teams. We'll discuss component-driven development patterns, micro-frontends, shell apps, reorg strategies, monorepos, vertical...

Tags: Javascript, React, ArchitectureFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Scaling your .NET app with Azure

Presented by: Callum Whyte

You've made it big time, and your web app just can't handle the traffic... Where do you even start with scaling in Azure? ...

Tags: .NET, Cloud, DevOpsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Scrambled - Solving a Rubik's cube!

Presented by: Yajat Nahata

Have you ever wondered why solving a Rubik's cube is so much fun yet challenging! In this session, I will share how I solve a 3x3x3 Rubik's cube using the beginner's method and making it fun and exciting. ...

Tags: Soft SkillsFormat: KidzMash Divez

Securing Your Software Supply Chain One Open Source Project at a Time

Presented by: Lori Lorusso

Delivering software fast is one piece of the CI/CD puzzle, but delivering it securely is the glue that keeps your puzzle from falling apart. Software supply chain attacks are on the rise with security exploits directly targeting open source projects, central repositories, and software package...

Tags: Security, DevOps, CI/CDFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

self.clone();//Passing On Your Passion

Presented by: Barry Tarlton

When you've written your last line of code, what will be your legacy? Will your applications live on forever in Production or at least until AI takes over? Will your Github repos be archived and immortalized? Will there be patterns or tools named after you? For most of us, there probably won't...

Tags: Career Development, Soft Skills, Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Services Reloaded: Increased Throughput with Project Loom Virtual Threads

Presented by: Kito Mann

The promise of Reactive programming models is that you can free yourself from the constraints of handling one request for each thread and realize increased throughput as a result. The only problem is that it requires a completely different set of APIs that many developers find counter-intuitive....

Tags: Java, BackendFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Shifting our mindset from Quality Assurance to Quality Advocacy

Presented by: Alexa Beach

How your role as a QA influences the entire team to produce quality products from discovery to delivery ...

Tags: QA TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Simplifying Microservices with Dapr

Presented by: Matthew Sheehan

In the world of modern software development, microservices have emerged as the go-to solution for building scalable and deployable applications. However, the path to realizing their promised benefits can be riddled with challenges, leaving engineers with concerns about achieving a truly clean...

Tags: Cloud, ArchitectureFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Software Test Automation ​and System Design

Presented by: Kate Jordan

In this session I'll share with you one of the most valuable lessons that I've learned as a software engineer. From what I've seen it's not something that colleges or courses have nearly enough emphasis on for the impact that it has. Both on your skills, and the health of the systems you work in. ...

Tags: Programming Principles, System Design, Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Spaces, squares, and circles - an intro to UI design

Presented by: Ash Banaszek

Are you a techie that has found yourself in charge of laying out and designing screens? Do you find yourself staring at screens that just don't "feel right" but it is hard to pinpoint why. Maybe a few design basics can get you back in the game. In this talk, [Redacted name] (an experienced UX...

Tags: Front End, Soft Skills, UI/UXFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

State of Mobile Development

Presented by: Sam Basu

It’s 2024. Thankfully, developers have a lot of choice in how to build for mobile form factors. Mobile strategy can often be an afterthought – in reality, it needs to be driven by type of app, audience, platform reach, developer expertise & need for code reuse. ...

Tags: .NET, JavascriptFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Static Analysis: Don’t Fear the Linter! ⚡️

Presented by: Josh Goldberg

Wouldn’t you love to automatically zap code bugs before releasing to production? How about before code even gets run? Static analysis tools scrutinize code as it's written - providing blazing fast feedback at development time. This exhilarating talk dives into how that works, why it’s useful,...

Tags: Javascript, Backend, Front EndFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Stop using JavaScript for that: moving features from JS to CSS and HTML

Presented by: Kilian Valkhof

If you've been building websites for a while you "know" that some things require JS and that's just the way it is. Turns out, spec writers and browser makers both are working hard to find common JS patterns and implementing them in CSS and HTML. Things like accordions, auto-suggest, smooth...

Tags: Javascript, Front End, AccessibilityFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Survival Under Fire: How to Stay Whole During Adversity

Presented by: Arthur Doler

Each of the last few years have hit like a brick to the temple. It felt like the entire world was upended. There’s been radical shifts in the way we work, endless video conference calls, social and political unrest, and lots of tough choices about our health and the health of those we love and...

Tags: Soft Skills, TeamsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Tactics for Building Background Services in .NET

Presented by: Kevin Griffin

Mature applications often find themselves in the predicament of having to do work "behind the scenes." Frequently this could be simple tasks such as sending emails or updating statistics. Or it could be something more complicated, like processing incoming files or building reports. These tasks...

Tags: .NET, C#, Backend, Programming Principles, Cloud, Architecture, System DesignFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Take Back Control - Introducing Veilid

Presented by: Bill Sempf

Veilid is an open-source, peer-to-peer, mobile-first, networked application framework. It allows developers to build private, distributed, scalable social applications containing and sharing a user's personal content without data collection by third parties being of concern. Built by Cult of the...

Tags: Python, Rust, Mobile, Security, CloudFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Talking to the Astronauts: Amateur HAM Radio

Presented by: Laci Graham

This interactive talk is open to anyone who is interested but suggested for older kids. In this talk we’ll learn about how radios work, how to get your amateur radio license, and we’ll talk to the astronauts in the International Space Station.

Tags: Hardware, System Design, ObservabilityFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Technical Debt Is Not Free

Presented by: Chad Green

So many software development teams rack up technical debt and do not even realize it. But even if you are a more mature team and recognize and maybe even document technical debt, what good is it if you do not take action. Just like in other parts of our life, just because we can accumulate bunches...

Tags: Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Terminal, CLI's, and UI's - Using Windows Terminal & the WSL

Presented by: Mike Nelson

The classic Windows Terminal app allowed for simple command line integrations. But now, the new Terminal app, along with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), can generate some really cool interaction between you and multiple operating systems. Not only can you do command line, but the Linux...

Tags: Functional Programming, DevOps, UI/UX, QA TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Testing Enterprise Software Rewrites

Presented by: Umang Nahata

Most enterprises have legacy code that needs to be rewritten to keep pace with industry standards, new technologies, and modern infrastructures. The primary purpose of a software rewrite is to ensure functional compatibility before retiring the current system. However, replacing large, complex,...

Tags: Backend, Code Quality, QA TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Testing Mayhem on the Basic Side

Presented by: Jeanette Kalb

Did you ever wonder how a QA managed to find something you didn’t on that last feature card? Hint, it’s not magic, but there is a lot of mayhem. Your quality professionals need your help to help them test better. This talk will provide insight as to what your QA person goes through when deciding...

Tags: Programming Principles, Code Quality, QA TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

The Developer Relations Playbook: How to build bridges by putting people first

Presented by: Dan Vega

Are you passionate about technology and love engaging with communities? Ever wondered how you could turn these interests into a fulfilling career? Look no further! "The Developer Relations Playbook: How to Build Bridges by Putting People First" is your comprehensive guide to becoming a Developer...

Tags: Career Development, Soft Skills, Remote WorkFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

The Five Code Reviewers You Meet At Work

Presented by: Aaron Salvo

When you review code at work do you simply trust your peers have written bug-free code? Does a co-worker infuriate you when they block your pull request over indention? Are you a freshman engineer who worries they'll get an atomic wedgie by the coffee maker if you point out a syntax error in a...

Tags: Career Development, Soft Skills, Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

The Hazards of Sitting: An Osteopath’s Approach to Preventing Work-Related Injury.

Presented by: Michele Parsley-Lanning

My training as an Osteopathic Physician prepared me to counsel my patients about injury and disease prevention. However, I did not realize the full impact of spending a majority of my time sitting at a desk would have on my overall movement and flexibility. ...

Tags: Soft Skills, LeadershipFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

The Illustrated Guide to Node.js

Presented by: David Neal

Node.js is a compelling platform for building all types of applications for startups to enterprises. Node.js strategically unites developers through the universal language of JavaScript. Or TypeScript! Why should you learn Node.js, and where do you start? ...

Tags: Javascript, BackendFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

The Legends of CodeMash

Presented by: Christopher Judd

In 1986, the iconic fantasy action-adventure game, The Legends of Zelda, was released to the fanfare of video gamers across the globe. Everybody loved the 2D quests that Link would go on to rescue Princess Zelda. In 2024, it is your turn to create a classic, The Legends of CodeMash, video game. In...

Tags: JavascriptFormat: KidzMash Divez

The Micro-Frontend Playbook

Presented by: Marko Skugor

Micro-frontend architecture can provide a lot of great benefits to team autonomy and can play a crucial role in enabling technical and organizational scalability. At the same time, it also comes with a lot of potential pitfalls and anti-patterns to avoid. In this talk we'll learn how to apply Domain...

Tags: Javascript, Front End, Cloud, ArchitectureFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

The Other Side of the Table - Salary Negotiation from a Management Perspective

Presented by: Nick Stewart

Salary negotiation is a daunting task, and it can be made all the more confusing, if you don’t understand the position management often has to take. One of the best strategies for a successful negotiation is to determine what the other side values, and it’s not always the lowest number. In...

Tags: Career Development, Soft SkillsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

The Right Database for the Right Job

Presented by: Nuri Halperin

Picking a database for your particular purpose is hard, and vendors don't make it easier. So which database is right for which workload? ...

Tags: Databases, ArchitectureFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

The Subtle Art of Communication

Presented by: Natalie Hylton, Tristan Chiappisi

We probably don't need this session. Technologists are excellent communicators, aren’t they? But for those who would like to learn (and practice) a new thing or two, here is a session packed with experiential learning. Amongst the things that we will cover: ...

Tags: Soft Skills, Leadership, TeamsFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

The User Experience Eclipse: Rise Against Dark Design Patterns

Presented by: Scott Showalter

Dark isn't just a trendy UI mode, nor what the sky looks like in the middle of the day in Ohio on April 8th. It's a deceitful design scheme we all encounter from time to time, against our will. ...

Tags: Front End, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, CSS, UI/UX, Architecture, System Design, QA TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

The Vue.js Power Hour: Building a Dynamic Frontend in < 60 Minutes

Presented by: Tori Brenneison

Are you a beginner developer who is curious about JS component frameworks? A backend developer who wants to add a frontend skill to their toolbox? A data analyst looking for a quick way to build views? Have we got a deal for you! ...

Tags: Javascript, Front EndFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Transforming the Workday: How Generative AI Can Empower Knowledge Workers

Presented by: Jean Seely

In the fast-paced world of knowledge work, efficiency and innovation are key. 'Transforming the Workday' is a talk designed to illuminate how Generative AI can become a vital ally in the daily tasks of professionals across various fields. From automating time-consuming processes to enhancing...

Tags: Career Development, Project Management, Machine LearningFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

TypeScript for JavaScripties

Presented by: Josh Goldberg

You've heard about TypeScript and maybe poked at a docs page or two. But it's still a mystery for you. Not to worry! This workshop walks you from the foundations of "types" and a "type system" up through the important language features you'll need to get started understanding TypeScript. ...

Tags: JavascriptFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Understanding CSS Layout: the concepts underlying your (least) favorite language.

Presented by: Kilian Valkhof

Have you ever felt perplexed by CSS, struggling to understand why the browser put the element where it did, and why it didn’t just follow the clear instructions you wrote? Do you think CSS is hard to work with? ...

Tags: Front End, CSSFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Unlocking Inclusive Potential: Screen Reader Integration for Hybrid Mobile Apps

Presented by: Chris DeMars

Join us as we uncover the untapped potential of screen reader integration in hybrid mobile apps. This talk will delve into the technical aspects of integrating screen reader functionality, discussing the challenges and opportunities that arise during development. Discover effective techniques for...

Tags: Javascript, Mobile, AccessibilityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Unveil the Magic Without Hoodini: Transform Your Data Lake into a Fountain of Insights

Presented by: Nadine Farah

Many people have been using their data lake as vast reservoirs of data. Yet, there’s been a real struggle to harness the full potential of this data to power actionable insights. These data lakes often become stagnant because processing and analyzing them is hard. Hudi’s magic, however, brings a...

Tags: Databases, Architecture, System Design, PerformanceFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Verbs, Not Nouns: Writing Documentation Users Want to Read

Presented by: Brian MacDonald

Documentation should be complete and comprehensive, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull and boring. Engaging documentation focuses on what your users want to do, the tasks they're trying to accomplish, the problems they want to solve. Writing documentation with the focus on your user, instead of...

Tags: Soft Skills, TeamsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Visual Storytelling: How to be a Superhuman Communicator

Presented by: David Neal

Who says communication has to be dry, dull, and boring? Simple, hand-drawn illustrations are a compelling and fun way to engage, inform, and win your audience of readers and viewers! ...

Tags: Career Development, Soft SkillsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Watch this! Building a Health app for Wear OS

Presented by: Sierra OBryan

One of the most popular answers for a favorite smart watch feature is to monitor your health. From steps to heart rate to exercise to sleep, smart watches do it all and with Jetpack Compose and Health Services, we can build our own app for Wear OS! ...

Tags: Hardware, MobileFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

What a Character!

Presented by: Matt "Kelly" Williams

What do games, stories, books, movies, and comics all have in common? ...

Tags: Career Development, Soft SkillsFormat: KidzMash Divez

What Does Security Look Like When Building AI?

Presented by: Robert Herbig

Anyone who is working with AI or considering doing so should care about security. When considering building an AI-powered system or product, the traditional attack surfaces and mitigations still apply. However, new attack surfaces can be present depending on the specific AI approaches used. In...

Tags: Programming Principles, Security, Machine LearningFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

What is Your Working Genius? (Workshop)

Presented by: Kyle Jenkins

The working genius model is a productivity model developed by Patrick Lencioni with the goal of accomplishing a simple concept: bringing more joy and fulfillment at work! When you and your team understand where your geniuses are and how to (and when not to) use them, it can improve meetings, reduce...

Tags: Soft Skills, Leadership, TeamsFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

What's that smell? Monitoring air quality with Python, Raspberry Pi, and Redis

Presented by: Justin Castilla

With a little wiring and a few lines of code, one can create your own hyper-local air sensor system to send alerts, activate smart-windows, and gather data. A sensor measures air particulate density and sends the values to a Raspberry Pi compute unit. The Raspberry Pi then sends the data along with...

Tags: Python, IoT, Cloud, Data Science, DatabasesFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

When in Doubt... Improvise

Presented by: Matt "Kelly" Williams

Join us for a fun filled deep dive into the world of improvisation. In this hands on deep dive you will learn and practice techniques and skills to create something out of nothing. These skills, in turn, can help any time you need to speak in public or work in groups. Come ready to be a little...

Tags: Career Development, Soft SkillsFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Wizarding 101: Static Electricity Magic Tricks

Presented by: Sean Wedig

Learn the summoning charm, and make inanimate objects dance! Bend the flow of water without touching it! Summon a golem to do your bidding! Learn the infamous "Wingardium Leviosa", and make things levitate! Grab your wizarding robes, cheer for your house, control the very forces of nature with...

Tags: Career DevelopmentFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Writing Secure APIs - A Look at the OWASP 2023 API Top 10 List

Presented by: Darylynn Ross

OWASP published a new API top 10 list in July of 2023. There are some old favorites hanging around (I'm looking at you Authentication) and some new comers like Server Side Request Forgery and Unrestricted Access to Sensitive Business Flows. This session will cover the new top 10 list and take a...

Tags: Programming Principles, Security, Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

You Are the Pilot: Getting Better with Code Gen AI Tools

Presented by: Sean Wedig

You might have asked yourself - "Self, what's all this hubub about AI tools for programmers? Am I going to lose my job?" and you might have answered, "I don't know, self. I haven't even really played with any AI code generation tools. There are so many tools, I wouldn't even know where to...

Tags: Velocity, Machine Learning, Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

You’re Doing Exceptions Wrong

Presented by: Matt Burke

Exceptions are powerful and valuable, but we frequently misuse them and destabilize our applications. We fear users seeing an error message, so we swallow the exception, creating troubleshooting nightmares down the road. We fail to check inputs and throw them at all, letting garbage into our...

Tags: Backend, Object Oriented Programming, Code QualityFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview