Now you see it, now you don’t! An introduction to magic!

Presented by: Andrew Potozniak

Have you ever wondered how a magician can make a sponge ball disappear in thin air? Or how a ball magically transports from one cup to another? Or how a handkerchief magically appears out of nowhere and into the magician’s hands? ...

Tags: Agile, PerformanceFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Into the Storm: Storm Chasing & Public Safety

Presented by: Laci Graham

This interactive talk about the weather is for anyone interested in the weather, open to all ages. In this session we’ll talk about the severe weather that Ohioans are most likely to encounter, and some we might encounter on vacations. We’ll talk about storm safety and the importance...

Tags: Accessibility, Data Science, ObservabilityFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

When in Doubt... Improvise

Presented by: Kristopher Soule

Join us for a fun filled deep dive into the world of improvisation. In this hands on deep dive you will learn and practice techniques and skills to create something out of nothing. These skills, in turn, can help any time you need to speak in public or work in groups. Come ready to be a little...

Tags: Career Development, Soft SkillsFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Solar Critters Workshop

Presented by: Christopher Judd

Critters like turtles, frogs, and lizards can be fun to play with. They can have vibrant colors and run around. In this hands-on workshop, kidz of all ages will use their creativity to decorate and build their own moving critters. Along the way, kidz will learn basic electronics using solar power to...

Tags: HardwareFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

I Can’t Draw…Yes, You Can! Anyone Can!

Presented by: Courtney Eaton

Can You Draw a Horse? If not, would you like to? As a mom and former preschool teacher, I will teach you how to draw while telling a story. In this session, I will guide you through a simple drawing technique that will allow you to draw simple animals and their surroundings. The only requirements...

Tags: Soft SkillsFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

On the Zine Streets

Presented by: Erin Hanton

What's a zine? What are these little things all about? In this class we'll talk about the endless possibilities available to us through zines and zine culture, and how we can use them to teach, communicate, find community, and as tools for our own personal well-being. We'll also have the opportunity...

Format: KidzMash Sessionz

Balloon Animals: Blowing things Up at Codemash

Presented by: Ilyana Smith

In this fun session, you’ll learn the basics of balloon animals, twisting your way to a variety of adorable creatures! We’ll bring the balloons if you’ll bring the imagination! Kidz of all ages are welcome (younger kidz – please assist your parents)! No experience necessary! You’ll leave...

Tags: Soft SkillsFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

A squishy Play-Doh intro to Electronics

Presented by: Damon Stamper

Learning electronics doesn't have to be hard. In fact it can be quite squishy! Come learn some simple electronics and play with Play-Doh along the way. ...

Tags: Hardware, Soft SkillsFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Wizarding 101: Static Electricity Magic Tricks

Presented by: Sean Wedig

Learn the summoning charm, and make inanimate objects dance! Bend the flow of water without touching it! Summon a golem to do your bidding! Learn the infamous "Wingardium Leviosa", and make things levitate! Grab your wizarding robes, cheer for your house, control the very forces of nature with...

Tags: Career DevelopmentFormat: KidzMash Sessionz


Presented by: Alexis Glenn

In this hands-on session, Kidz will learn about the different types of clay, what they are used for, and basic sculpting techniques. Kids will make their own sculpture with air-dry clay using their newfound skills.

Tags: .NETFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Product Thinking and Tinkering

Presented by: BJ Allmon

Do you aspire to be an inventor one day? Maybe you have lots of ideas and don't know what to do with them. ...

Tags: Career Development, Soft Skills, UI/UXFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Light Up with Graphite!

Presented by: Erin Hanton

Did you know you can make electrical circuits with all kinds of conductors, including the graphite in your pencils? In this session we'll learn a bit about electrical circuit basics and make some LEDs light up by experimenting with drawing some circuits on paper with regular graphite!

Tags: HardwareFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

[KidzMash] Become a LEGO Master Builder With Teamwork!

Presented by: Thomas Haver

LEGO(R) sets are amazingly fun to build, but who has attempted to build a complete set without looking at the instructions? In this session, the kidz & adults will form teams and try to build one of sixteen different Creator sets without the instructions. Only one person from each team will be able...

Tags: Career Development, Soft Skills, LeadershipFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Talking to the Astronauts: Amateur HAM Radio

Presented by: Laci Graham

This interactive talk is open to anyone who is interested but suggested for older kids. In this talk we’ll learn about how radios work, how to get your amateur radio license, and we’ll talk to the astronauts in the International Space Station.

Tags: Hardware, System Design, ObservabilityFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Earthquake Challenge

Presented by: Andrew Potozniak

What does it take to build a structure that can withstand a simulated earthquake with common house-hold items? During this session, kids will use their creativity and problem-solving skills to build structures to see how severe of an earthquake they can withstand on a shake-table. Kids will...

Tags: ArchitectureFormat: KidzMash Sessionz

Eye on the Sky: Preparing for the April Solar Eclipse

Presented by: Michael Richardson

This April, something amazing will happen – a total solar eclipse! It's like a cosmic game of hide and seek, where the Moon covers the Sun, turning day into night for a short time. In our fun-filled hour, we'll discover what makes a solar eclipse so special and learn how to watch this rare event...

Tags: Soft SkillsFormat: KidzMash Sessionz