Application Architecture Patterns

Presented by: Joseph Guadagno

Architecting an application can be challenging. What do you do to keep your application flexible to ever-constant requirement changes? How do you handle landscape changes (cloud, on-premises, databases)? How do you avoid over-engineering the application? How do I make sure my application plays well...

Tags: .NET, Cloud, MobileFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Counting Cars with Drones

Presented by: Godfrey Nolan

In this session we walk through the process of creating an app to count cars in a parking lot. We need to record video, label the images, train the machine learning model, export the TensorFlowLite file and get our Android app to count cars in a parking lot in real time using a DJI mini drone.

Tags: Cloud, Mobile, Machine LearningFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Delighting users with performant apps

Presented by: Mike Hartington

Ok, so you want to build an app that can be fast, performant, and keep your users coming back for more? Think you need to reach for native? Think again! The Web is an amazing platform that offers developers a lot of ways to build amazing experiences. The only problem requires some tricks to...

Tags: Design (UI/UX/CSS), Javascript, MobileFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate