Async Masterclass

Presented by: Stephen Cleary

You've mastered async and await, but you find you need more powerful tools. This is how to build them. ...

Tags: .NET, C#, Programming PrinciplesFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Building accessible Android apps using Jetpack Compose

Presented by: Devanshu Chandra

Recently Android introduced a new technique of developing Android user interface called Jetpack Compose. Using Kotlin APIs Jetpack Compose provides a faster and easier way to develop Android UI and has inbuilt support for Material Design, Dark Theme, Animation and much more. In this session we will...

Tags: MobileFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Caffeinate Your Queries: Brew Up Faster SQL with Tuning

Presented by: Tristan Chiappisi

In this session, embark on an engaging exploration as we unravel the mysteries of query tuning. From deciphering sluggish queries to unleashing their full potential, we will explore advanced techniques for optimizing SQL performance. Discover the art of indexing, rewriting queries for efficiency,...

Tags: SQL, DatabasesFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Controlling data overhead from the OpenTelmetry Collector

Presented by: Nočnica Mellifera

The OpenTelemetry Collector is becoming the de facto standard for moving observability data within your architecture and to a data store. But in its default configuration it can overuse data and network resources. In this talk I'll cover the configuration control you have over your collector, and...

Tags: DevOps, Performance, ObservabilityFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Hands-On Few-Shot and Prompt-Based Learning

Presented by: Brayan Kai Mwanyumba

Machine learning has been highly successful in data-intensive applications but is often hampered when the dataset is small. Few-shot learning (FSL) was proposed to tackle this problem. FSL enables making predictions using a limited number of examples with supervised information—that is, with few...

Tags: Cloud, Machine Learning, Data ScienceFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

My Pi in the Sky - Running MySQL on a Raspberry Pi and Replicating Data to the Cloud

Presented by: Scott Stroz

Did you know that you can run MySQL on a Raspberry Pi and replicate the data to the cloud? ...

Tags: Hardware, DatabasesFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced