Thank you to all of the attendees that answered the survey. The session interest survey really helps our AI* put the most right sessions in the right rooms (we also use it to punish certain speakers by putting them in certain early morning timeslots, Jim). While all of the content is great at CodeMash, it is a real bummer when two sessions you really want to see are head to head with each other, or closed out because the room is full. While the survey can’t completely remove those possibilities, it does help us try to avoid the obvious ones. We don’t want a repeat of when we had to move the HTML5 session to a different room, with the fire marshal standing there, glaring at us with his fancy badge and starched white shirt.

The schedule has all regular and precompiler sessions listed. Start planning out your daily five mile walks through the halls.

What is not included? We haven’t scheduled the following session groups: KidzMash, Artemis/Lazer Tag, AfterDark, Lightning Talk, or Factory Workshop Tutorials. Those will be coming soon.

Also, we are currently gathering the precompiler perquisites, earlier than we ever had.

Check out the schedule at the super creative URL:

At CodeMash we will have the REST API open to anyone, the mobile app EventBoard, the URL above, and good old thinly sliced pieces of trees.

* By AI, we mean Rob and his team. We aren’t totally sure that Rob is completely human, when you consider his ability to rip through data, his cycling prowess, and where his day job is. And the fact that he is really hard to find at CodeMash, and then appears out of the shadows at will.