“Accessibility is usability” is the mantra of many in the accessibility profession. The truth is that up to 80% of accessibility isues can be avoided by integrating accessibility into the design process. Designers have the power to open up the Web to people of all abilities – but to do so, they must grab the accessibility flag, hold it high, hold it proudly and be the change they want to see. Most organizations tack accessibility onto the back end of their development process as a testing concern or as somethings their developers just need to take care of. This means that developer have to make up for the gaps that designers leave. They have to decide what the different elements in a design comp are. They have to determine the interaction model for non-touch/-mouse devices. They have to guess at the best order for reading content on the page, etc., etc. In this session Dylan will cover an overview of all the design concerns that impact accessibility, how to think about accessibility during the design process and how to communicate this to developers and QA so that they can be successful in designing with accessibility in mind.