So you can sling some code and automate a web browser, and even work on a team that has a fair bit of UI automation around your “favorite” web application. No doubt you have found yourself spending to much time fixing an inconsistent suite of tests. You might even be asking yourself “are these tests even worth it?”. (the answer is **yes!**) Lets explore where things typically break down in the acceptance testing process. Starting with breaking user stories into acceptance criteria, and how the words the team chooses can affect the software that is built. Then taking a deep dive into best patterns and practices in automating the scenarios with Behave and other python modules. Along the way answering questions such as how should I manage my test data? Should I ever delete tests? And, how do I keep my test pyramid from becoming a test cupcake? Attendees will walk away from this session armed with information to help them write better acceptance criteria, and tips to keep their test suites clean and less brittle.