As developers, we hear a non-stop stream of technical-but-marketing messages for containers, orchestration tools, and cloud services. There is extensive overlap in these areas with regard to both means and ends, and it’s time to clear the fog and get to the bottom of things. This talk will give a quick overview from a hardcore developer’s perspective of the following topics: * How can I use containers to develop better software? * What are orchestration tools? Do I need to consider/use them? * How do cloud/PaaS options compare? What are the tradeoffs? * What is the difference? * Why should I care? (Or should I?) In this session, the presenter discusses several of these technologies, compares them, and _deploys real applications to them LIVE_ to demonstrate subtle differences and tradeoffs each choice imposes upon developers, for better or worse. Come to this session to level up on containers, clouds, and developing real production software, regardless of where or how you deploy it.