There is more to being a hacker than hooded sweatshirts and pasty skin. Hackers pride themselves on being problem solvers, thinking logically through not only what a web applications should do, but everything possible for it to do. We have all sat through the boring Top10 lectures and read the secure coding standards. Now let’s learn what we are protecting our self from. Capture the Flag (CTF) tournaments are a good way of honing your security skills, or discovering skills you never knew you had. Join us for the introduction into CodeMash’s inaugural CTF. We will get you setup with the tools pentesters use, a quick demo and training on how to use those tools, and will be on hand to discuss how the CTF works and the type of workload you can expect to be able to compete for the grand prize. This will be ran in an open house format, so attend for 4 minutes or 4 hours. Stop by before or after attending a different session, or during a break at a different class. We will get you setup, give you the rundown and you can stay and train/play for as long as you like! More information can be found at