“By words we learn thoughts, and by thoughts we learn life.” – Jean Baptiste Girard How are concepts conveyed? How are thoughts shared? One way is by using words. But, which words should you use? And how can you tell if your words effectively convey your thoughts? What causes miscommunication, what are its effects, and how can you avoid it? And what are the benefits and limitations of a shared language? In this workshop, we will move from general to specific as we collaboratively attempt to understand and answer these questions, and many more. Starting with the definition of definition, we will investigate words and meaning, their properties, and their relationship. We will then examine how miscommunication can occur, look at some potential consequences of it, and explore some methods to minimize it. Finally, we will apply these ideas as we attempt to define some common terms and create a “common language”. In the end, attendees will gain new knowledge and tools to help them more effectively transfer ideas with words. Workshop Takeaways: * Deeper understanding of the meaning of words and meaning. * Some causes and effects of miscommunication and practical techniques to avoid it. * The difficulty of creating a shared language, even in a microcosm. * Ways to better understand others, and be better understood.