Is CSS and layout a mystery to you? When you read HTML are you able to understand what will be displayed without constantly looking up classes or documentation? If you’re like me, these are problems you run into when doing the view layer of your application. CSS classes become meaningless combinations of letters that don’t really seem to express intent. However, there’s a library to help with that. Semantic UI is a framework that aims to create rich UIs “using human-friendly HTML.” Gone are the days of col-md-3. Instead, our HTML will have classes like “three column wide”. But it’s more than that. Semantic UI has a wide variety of elements, collections, and views that can make any application pop, all while following sane patterns. This talk will examine several key UI components, and talk about the underlying principles of Semantic UI. After leaving the talk, you’ll be able to install Semantic UI (hint: it’s really simple) and get up and running on your next project.