(Presented by Peg Bogema (Stout Systems’ VP of Operations) and Bob Hoffman (Stout Systems’ VP of Public Outreach)) Effectively managing one’s career is a topic that often gets far less attention and proactivity than it deserves. It’s a task that requires savvy offensive maneuvers in order to position yourself well for desired opportunities, to quickly seize new opportunities when they present themselves, and to maximize your potential career earnings. It also requires shrewd defensive tactics to ensure that you’re prepared to bounce back quickly should you unexpectedly experience Career Armageddon due to the upheaval associated with mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, offshoring, slumping economies, sagging sales, technical obsolescence, or changes in management and business strategies. To successfully manage one’s career in today’s chaotic marketplace, it is paramount that each of us consistently has an eye towards our desired career path and a plan towards getting there. At the same time, it’s also important to ensure that our personal “Job Search Toolkit” is always at its peak in order to quickly seize new opportunities and rapidly recover from unexpected career setbacks. In this session, representatives from Stout Systems will discuss a number of career management topics, including: a) Preparing a technical resume that adeptly conveys your story, resonates with today’s hiring managers, and sets you apart from the crowd, b) Creating and maintaining a strong online presence that attracts new opportunities, lets you move rapidly into active job search mode whenever necessary, and genuinely helps (not hinders) your search activities, and c) Creating and maintaining your network of professional relationships effortlessly so that you can lean on it if and when it ever becomes a necessity. All attendees will be eligible for Stout’s Ruthless Resume Review™ service—in which Stout’s highly skilled resume review team provides written advice concerning any improvements that can be made to help attendees achieve their career goals.