Building apps is time consuming, without any guarantee of success. Countless apps, littering the App Store, Google Play and beyond, were born out of a developer’s personal pain, yet have made little or no revenue. Before you build that “killer” app, you can indeed know beyond the shadow of a doubt that there’s actual demand for that app—that people will actually buy, use and love it—but how? Validate! Join Scott for an amusing, fast-paced workshop that teaches you several techniques that you can use right away to prove your ideas have worth, or otherwise lead you to insight that helps you transform them into incredibly desirable products by building only the parts people would actually use. Learn to discover your early adopters and first paying customers, even before you launch the app, divine whether or not your idea solves a problem people care about, what to avoid when engaging in user research, the three key questions that will lead to early money and early adoption, tools to develop codeless prototypes and ways to scale these mobile app validation concepts to desktop software or Web apps/websites