You’re talented, accomplished and successful. You are a technical expert or a high level manager. People think you have it all together. Yet you still think to yourself “Oh my gosh! I don’t know what I’m doing! And everyone is about to figure it out! They’re on to me!” Many smart and successful people suffer from the Impostor Syndrome: the persistent feeling of not measuring up to their resume. They are an overachiever, but an under-believer. It’s a cognitive distortion that is especially prevalent in technical and creative fields. If this is you, you are not alone. It’s estimated that 70% of people suffer from this. But there’s help! There are strategies that can silence that impostor voice so you can embrace your success and be confident to move further ahead without fear of being unmasked as a fake. You can be released from the clench of the counterfeit. In this session, learn 4 powerful techniques that can lead you to true confidence and the freedom to flourish. You can grab greater opportunities, have bigger dreams and extend a wider influence. You won’t have to feel like a fraud anymore. Objective 1: Understand the causes, symptoms and likely “victims” of the Impostor Syndrome. Objective 2: Learn a 3 step strategy to turn down the volume of the Impostor voice in your head. Objective 3: Explore how engaging in community can further diminish the Impostor syndrome Objective 4: Learn a methodical process of documenting successes and accomplishments so you can match confidence to competence.