Struggling to get software released on a daily basis? Stressed about how to apply the same techniques that make companies successful with continuous deployment? Learn from the experience of Atlassian’s Confluence development team on its journey from releasing once a week to every day. The talk begins with the team’s build and deployment process, providing insights into dealing with particularly large builds and tests and deployment complexities. Next, the speaker explores, in detail, the cultural and technical problems that prevented the team from making that transition quickly, including: slow builds, flaky tests, a lack of automation, the wrong mindset and dealing with release blockers, to name a few. The talk concludes with a discussion of the strategies the team has implemented to resolve these problems, including: reducing complexity, defining ownership, setting and monitoring time limits and establishing a “culture of green.” Learn how you, too, can make continuous delivery happen in a real, (and not so perfect!), engineering organization.