You don’t have to look far to find yet another article on scaling your NodeJS app to handle large numbers of users. But the techniques covered usually involve becoming an expert in deploying hardware or a guaranteed minimum outlay of cash to handle your expected load. But what if there were a way to scale almost infinitely without having to worry about the infrastructure to run any of it. Using platforms like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and IBM OpenWhisk, you can focus on providing scalable functionality in your NodeJS application without having to think about any of infrastructure details. In this session, Matt Williams will show you how to get started building a complex Node application on AWS Lambda from scratch. Starting with the standard CLI, we move to other frameworks like Node Lambda and Serverless to add more functionality to serve your users. We will consider some key architectural decisions that affect how the application is designed. And all the way along we look at ways to monitor the application to help find the bottlenecks. By the end of the session, you will be eager to start working on your next application on AWS Lambda