Get a big boost on your UI skills. If you believe you’re not an artist, that UI is merely subjective, or that great design takes too much effort, then this workshop is for you. Learn the essence with simple, easy-to-retain guidelines. Regardless of whether you’re building interfaces for watches, mobile, tablets, web, desktops, elevators, trains, planes, automobiles, HoloLens, or interplanetary spaceships; you’ll learn how to reduce visual noise, enhance clarity, widen the path, and design interfaces that are a pleasure to use.  Learn what’s really happening inside the brain and how human biology drives important design guidelines. Get a grip on cognitive load, saccades & fixations, peripheral blindness, grouping, granularity, channel limitations, cellular data compression, and symbol recognition. Conduct mind experiments, live in the session, to derive crucial design guidelines for creating better user interfaces.  These guidelines will help you present any information — any data in any medium — with clarity. We’ll learn how to work with foreground, background, color, size, shape, and emphasis to reduce noise, boost signal, and achieve clarity in your software designs. This workshop is loaded with real-life examples from both the virtual and physical worlds, and includes groundbreaking research and exclusive content.  We’ll also explore dark design patterns and the business case behind great usability. We’ll learn how to measure the cost of bad UI, and how to present compelling cases for great design to decision makers. Ultimately it’s all about making customers satisfied, and this entertaining and information-packed workshop will show you how.