(Presented by Kevin Fealey (Principal Consultant, Automation & Integration Services) and Josh Wallace (Application Security Engineer)) Writing secure applications is not easy, but keeping a security mindset during development can help reduce rework caused by pre-release security assessments. No one should expect developers to be security experts – that’s not the path you’ve chosen – but the prevalence of free, open-source security tools and information can enable devs to detect many common and critical security issues before QA. This talk will focus on how developers can maximize the return on their security investment by automating detection of many vulnerabilities that security teams would find later in the SDLC. We’ll talk about freely available tools and techniques – some of which may already be in your dev environment – that can enable non-disruptive security testing in development. And for those developers who are already security testing their code, we’ll discuss how to take your testing to the next level by embedding it into your functional testing.