All vehicles made or imported to the US after 1997 are required to have an ODBII(On Board Diagnostics 2) connector exposed to users. Auto manufacturers have exposed data from vehicles this way. As technology progressed, auto manufacturers switched from mechnical feedback and controls to programmable Bus system. So, in order for you to switch on the radio in the car, your mechnical or touch screen communicates via CAN Bus to achieve such a task. The same goes for turning on lights, horns, all the way to stopping (and if available self driving and parking vehicles with little or no assistance from users). We will use IoT microcontroller to tap into CAN Bus and communicate with a Ford Explorer. We will then stream the data from the vehicle to Azure IoT Hub (service bus) and use stream analytics to push data to be viewed or process and then sent back to the vehicle. Let me show you the future of data analysis from vehicles on the cloud and controlling vehicles from the cloud.