One of the most exciting aspects of the HoloLens is the device’s ability to do spatial mapping. This is the ability the device has to scan the environment and understand it as a 3D mesh. You can then write code to handle working inside of this environment. The game Fragments uses the data to either position actors sitting down on your couch, or standing in the room. The game Young Conker places the level objectives and obstacles based on the environment that was scanned. In this talk, Chad Carter, a HoloLens and Unity 3D consultant and instructor, will show you how to use Unity and HoloLens together to work with the spatial mapping data. You will learn, step by step, how to setup the development environment for HoloLens, how to deploy Unity code to the HoloLens, how to import the scanned meshed from the HoloLens back into Unity so that the development iteration cycle can be shortened.