Last year I brought version 1 of my Iron Man suit, The Mark 1. It was steel & aluminum weighing over 200lb. It was powered by an air compressor and 4 air cylinders. It even had an arc reactor light. But despite how awesome it was it was hard to walk, didn’t have built-in biometric sensors and it required 3 people to assist me in and out of the suit. Needless to say it was time for an upgrade. This years talk will feature a new suit, The Mark 2. It will be powered differently, will be more maneuverable, have biometric sensors, and be even more awesome. This suit will also be self-fitting, so I can walk into the suit and have it form around me. It will also feature a built in Raspberry PI 3 integrated with the sensors and controlling the suit actuators via JavaScript. I will also bring a fully intact Mark 1 suit and give a brief synopsis of last year’s talk before I talk about all the fun I had building the Mark 2.