Is it really possible to have zero defects? The short answer is yes – if you are willing to change the way you collaborate, code, and test your application. Allowing defects in your software is an admission that it is okay to have a low quality product. This creates the mindset that believes quality is not important which is propagated throughout the code that is produced. Teams that have zero defects can deliver at a consistent pace and often more rapidly over the long term than teams that log their defects. Defects cost much more than is obvious. Between documenting, inventorying, prioritizing, reproducing, fixing, retesting and all the meetings and pizzas to get to releasable software, it is a huge amount of waste that many organizations believe is unavoidable. And then there comes the “hardening phase”! Join Cheezy as he brings more than a dozen years of hands-on experience coaching teams on agile engineering and team practices that drive quality higher. He will show what needs to change in your organization in order to have teams that truly focus on quality, deliver defect free software, and deliver more value to their customers. From source code management, to advanced development and testing techniques, to dev-ops and build pipelines, this talk is full of ideas and real life practices that you can take back to your work and utilize right away. By implementing these practices you can also help Cheezy with his lifetime goal of reducing the number of pizza parties (staying late at work) and increasing the number of beer parties (celebrations for a great release).