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14 01, 2017

Design Before Code: Thinking About Accessibility from the Ground Up

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In web development, accessibility (i.e. making sure people with disabilities can use your site) is often thought of as a technical challenge which can be overcome by teaching developers to use proper semantic elements and well-placed ARIA attributes. In practice, making a site or application accessible usually involves a developer hacking away at the code (and the design) until all of the automated tests pass. If you start with a design that takes the needs of people with disabilities into account, much less time and effort will be needed to make the finished product accessible. This session will include an [...]

14 01, 2017

Personas for Gamers: Character Sheets for your Users

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Imagine that you are a big hulking barbarian and you need to cast a spell to save the poisoned king from death. Not going to happen. That is the situation we are presenting our users with when we build software for the wrong persona. This session will be a hands-on workshop for anyone in the tech industry exploring how and why we can use personas in a meaningful way. To make it more tangible, we'll frame the concept of users as characters in an RPG. We'll center the lessons learned around a fictitious project, making it real and will include [...]

14 01, 2017

More Money with Less Effort: Validate App Ideas Before Coding

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Building apps is time consuming, without any guarantee of success. Countless apps, littering the App Store, Google Play and beyond, were born out of a developer's personal pain, yet have made little or no revenue. Before you build that "killer" app, you can indeed know beyond the shadow of a doubt that there's actual demand for that app—that people will actually buy, use and love it—but how? Validate! Join Scott for an amusing, fast-paced workshop that teaches you several techniques that you can use right away to prove your ideas have worth, or otherwise lead you to insight that helps [...]

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