14 01, 2017

Your DBA Says “It Depends”. Now What?

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Do you feel like most interactions with your DBA/IT team result in statement "It Depends"? Do you wonder what metrics your DBA is evaluating to make assertions about the system? Do you want to know key tips for performance tuning applications? A former DBA turned full-stack web developer will take you through some of the metrics and tools that DBAs use to evaluate performance so that you can more easily communicate with your DBA or troubleshoot your SQL server personally.

14 01, 2017

A History of F#: From Euclid to Type Providers

By |2017-01-14T09:11:59-05:00January 14th, 2017|

Have you ever wondered where your favorite feature came from? Was it influenced by a feature in another language? How are the different programming languages even related? I spent a couple months researching the history of some programming languages, and wanted to share that with you. In this talk, I cover the history of the ML family from approximately the dawn of time, eventually focusing on F# specifically.

14 01, 2017

Native iOS and Android Development with C# and Xamarin

By |2017-01-14T09:11:57-05:00January 14th, 2017|

Xamarin helps C# developers become native iOS, Android, and Windows mobile app developers overnight. In this session, you'll learn how to leverage your existing .NET and C# skills to create iOS and Android mobile apps in Visual Studio with Xamarin. Besides letting you write your iOS and Android apps in C#, Xamarin lets you reuse existing .NET libraries and share your business logic across iOS, Android, and Windows apps. This session will also give you the tools to determine how much existing C# code can go mobile to iOS and Android, plus help you determine the architecture necessary to support [...]

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