14 01, 2017

Getting Started with Functional Programming in F#

By |2017-01-14T09:11:57-05:00January 14th, 2017|

Functional programming is one of those things that's only good for math and statistics and stuff right??? Wrong! In this session we'll start from scratch and code a multi tier application using functional techniques. Attendees will see F#'s Type Providers which are used to statically type check our data access, and asynchronous data access to help the app scale. This is a live coding talk designed to show unique features of the F# language and how it is directly applicable to solving business problems.

14 01, 2017

.NET Standard for Mere Mortals

By |2017-01-14T09:11:55-05:00January 14th, 2017|

.NET Standard is a buzzword that Microsoft started using with the Build event in 2016. What is .NET Standard, and how does this framework effect how I'm building applications today? Come learn from one of the .NET team members about how .NET Standard makes writing code that works on any operating system with any project model a snap. You'll be able to build packages that work on your iPhone, web server, and docker containers when you finish this session.

14 01, 2017

Don’t Write Secure Code; Design Secure Systems

By |2017-01-14T09:11:47-05:00January 14th, 2017|

The best way to build secure systems is to stop writing security-related code on a daily basis. Developers have their hands full with complex systems, confusing business rules, technical edge cases, responsive UIs, etc. Security requirements, when they even exist, are repetitive to implement, hard to test, and often get crowded out by other demands. When developers handle security on a feature-by-feature basis, the result is a wildly inconsistent mess of security holes. In this session developers and architects will learn real-world techniques for designing security into the application framework itself, rather than leaving it up to individual features. You’ll [...]

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