14 01, 2017

Picture This: Automated Visual Regression Testing

By |2017-01-14T09:11:33-05:00January 14th, 2017|

For years people thrown around the idea of visual regression testing, however, it typically has been limited to only a single browser and for static web pages. Imagine a world where when you make a code change you are able to detect unexpected distortions in your web application across all supported environments with minimal effort! In this talk I will discuss how I built a framework to do Visual Regression Testing using Capybara, Compatriot and BrowserStack. I’ll discuss what I learned and how you can get started doing it today.

14 01, 2017

React on Rails

By |2017-01-14T09:11:25-05:00January 14th, 2017|

ReactJS is an excellent tool for building rich experiences for the web, but integrating it with Ruby on Rails presents some unique challenges. This session will explore three approaches with increasing degrees of complexity for using React with your Rails application. The first demonstration will use the “react-rails” and optionally “sprockets es6” gems to write simple ReactJS components and distribute them with Rails applications. Next you'll see how to use webpack with babel to write pure ES2015 modules for ReactJS components to enhance Rails applications. The final example is a full scale front end React application built on Redux with [...]

14 01, 2017

The rise of polyglot at Netflix

By |2017-01-14T09:11:20-05:00January 14th, 2017|

A quick scan through Netlfix’s Github repository will inform you that Netflix has built their core cloud platform on Java. Our who cloud deployment platform is built on and for JVM applications, and it has served us well for years. But as Netflix evolves and grows, platforms like Node.js and Python have grown not only numbers, but are also being used in increasingly important systems. We need to start thinking about building tools to support a polyglot world at Netflix. In this talk, Mike McGarr (Manager, Netflix Developer Productivity) will talk about the various tools and approaches we are employing [...]

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