"There are lies, damn lies, and statistics." - Abraham Lincoln

We try to be as transparent as possible as we plan CodeMash. This year, with a real card carrying Computer Science Researcher in charge of our content team, we actually have a load of stats to show off.

This team has a huge job, and they do a great job every year.

From Rob:

As I’ve been getting things together on the speakers, I’ve been running some numbers, just to see what I can see. I thought the following might be interesting to the group. The following will change a little bit b/t now and the conference as we’ll have some drops, maybe some pickups, and add KidzMash and Afterdark sessions.

Total Speakers who submitted at least one submission: 393
Speakers who had at least one submission accepted: 191
Speaker acceptance rate: 48%
Speakers who didn’t speak last year: 144 (75% of this year’s speakers)
Speakers who spoke last year, but not this year: 88 (65% of last year’s speakers)
Speakers who spoke last year and also this year (return rate): 47 (34.8%)

Total Speakers 2014: 135
Total Speakers 2015: 191
% Difference: +41%

Total Sessions 2014: 191
Total Sessions 2015: 243
% Difference: +27%

Precompiler Sessions 2014: 56
Precompiler Sessions 2015: 47
% Difference -19% *** Editor’s Note, this is because we have some that are longer than 1 day, and we haven’t filled all the slots. ***

Regular Sessions 2014: 135
Regular Sessions 2015: 196
% Difference: +45%

2015 Stats
Total Talks Submitted: 902
Total Accepted: 243
Total Talk Acceptance Rate: 26% (up from 19.5% due to precompiler submissions)

Precompilers: 47
Regular Sessions: 196

Talk distribution by speaker (# of talks/speaker, % of all speakers))
4 talks – 2 speakers (1%)
3 talks – 6 speakers (3%)
2 talks – 34 speakers (17%)
1 talk – 149 speakers (78%)

As always, if you have any questions, let me know,