Yvette Menase

Speaker Bio:

Yvette Menase is a Senior Product Manager at Libsyn, the leading podcast hosting and distribution company, which hosts more than 75,000 unique shows and is responsible for over 6 billion downloads per year. She drives podcast creation and host-agnostic monetization via Libsyn Studio and Glow.fm, as well as publication and hosting through Libsyn. Prior to joining Libsyn, she had 15 years of experience in product management, people management, software engineering, and accounting at various companies. She is also the Director of Surveys at Code & Supply Co., which is a tech community of over 8,000 people worldwide. Her volunteer work includes the execution and analysis of microsurveys and the organization's flagship Compensation Survey, that provides salary and lifestyle data to advocate for and empower job seekers & businesses. Yvette also leads and participates in various mentorship and coaching programs for professional and personal development.