Rachel Gregory

Speaker Bio:

Rachel: Rachel has been working as a user experience professional for over 9 years. She holds a master’s degree from Indiana University in Human-Computer Interaction. She believes that technological solutions will only be successful, long term, when research establishes a solid understanding of user behavior. As a consultant at Insight, Rachel regularly gives presentations to large audiences with attendees ranging from junior to executive level in professional experience. In her free time, Rachel enjoys reading high fantasy/fiction, playing video games and board games, and exploring the paranormal.
Haley: Haley has been a user experience professional for over 7 years. She believes that good products can tell a human story and exist to serve the needs of the people involved. She is passionate about defining problem spaces appropriately through a human-centered approach before moving into solutions. When not working she is an active equestrian, overly ambitious chef, Netflix binger, and unabashed dog lover.