Daniel Davis

Speaker Bio:

Daniel Davis is currently the founder and lead consultant at ELEV8, a firm focused on raising the level of business value that technology can bring to organizations. He's an experienced Director and Executive Consultant focused within the realm of Business Improvement, usually Technology centered. He has a history of working in the financial, judicial, automotive, insurance, logistics and scholastic industries. He's a strong information technology professional skilled at enterprise Agile/Lean Transformation, Strategic Business/IT Portfolio Management, Coaching (Leadership, Team, XP, Agile/Lean) Business Intelligence, Data Science, and XP/Clean Code Development Practices. Daniel's other experiences over the past 20+ years include a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to... Lean Startup Coach, Designer, Multi-Media Marketer, Photographer and Sports Coach. His prevailing passion lies in helping both businesses and people discover true and meaningful value in their efforts.