Krista Campbell

Speaker Bio:

Hi! I’m Krista Campbell. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me!

I’m a Software Architect, Advocate, Engineer, and Leader who has been working in the field for more years than I like to count (including over twenty-seven years of experience in the software industry). I’m experienced in both the technical and non-technical aspects of software development, I’ve led numerous successful software projects, focusing primarily in state and county agencies, human services, supporting health, education, and disabled communities.

Over the years, I have discovered that I am as much a people person as I am a technical person. I’m adept at bridging the gap between technology and business leadership, building consensus through communication and shared understanding. I have strong leadership skills with experience in planning and guiding teams through the development cycle, mentoring and training junior developers, interviewing and placing developers, writing and presenting proposals and maintaining vendor partnerships. I’m also a seasoned public speaker having presented at several conferences such as CodeMash, StirTrek, Columbus Women in Tek, and Dogfood conferences.

I started working with Microsoft technologies in the 90’s and have continuously changed and evolved with the times extending also into open source technologies as well. As such, I’m well-skilled in both Microsoft and open source technologies including cloud technologies in both Amazon Web Services as well as Microsoft Azure. With a strong focus on process and Agile methodologies, I have proven experience in helping teams successfully transform their development practices to leverage modern ALM and DevOps tools and techniques. Recently I've focussed on sharing this experience in the form of technical agile coaching - loving the opportunity to help technical teams do what they do best, only better.

In the rare event of free time you can usually find me with my amazing non-binary kid, making music, or spending time with friends and family. I'm a proud and open member of the transgender community and a supporter for social justice for all.