Speaker Bio:

Jamie Dicken has worked across much of cybersecurity domain, including application security, security chaos engineering, continuous control validation, security tooling and automation, and GRC. Prior to her transition into cybersecurity, she spent 8 years as a software engineer and technical manager at two Fortune 15 healthcare companies, where she focused on designing, building, and delivering new features to the market. Now Jamie focuses on protecting systems like the ones she used to build and transforming the ways that engineering teams and security professionals work together. Jamie is currently the Senior Manager of Product Security Assurance at New Relic, leading a team focused on application security, threat modeling, pentesting, and enabling the Secure Developer Experience.

Her professional passions include leading high-performing teams, executing on high-profile strategic initiatives, championing employee growth and development, and mentoring women and minorities in technology. Outside of work, Jamie has lots of adventures with her two mischievous little boys and amazingly supportive husband Chris. She enjoys spending time outdoors and sewing clothing.