Roma Nawani

Speaker Bio:

Roma Nawani drives the technical maturity for Nationwide’s Data domain through consulting and with Application, Enterprise Data, Architecture and Business teams. Her contributions help to modernize data capabilities, build automation accelerators, provide coaching and capability uplift, and bridge gaps between architecture and delivery.
With more than 16 years of technology, shared services and analytics experience, Roma takes great pride in problem solving, modernizing core systems, developing sustainable solutions, and partnering in the delivery of multiple strategic initiatives. She specializes in business transformation, data engineering, cloud engineering and business analytics. She also has experience across various industries such as Transportation, Energy, Insurance, and Financial Services.
Roma holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Additionally, Roma is Lean Six Sigma White Belt certified, Certified Kubernetes Application developer, and skilled in AWS Cloud and DevOps. She regularly volunteers for local organizations focusing on services related to family and homelessness.